Data Dump….Use it!

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Been meaning to take a moment to check out my weekly tracker sheet and take a look at what is going on.  If you guys haven’t made a tracker sheet for the challenge I would highly recommend it. It’s pretty fascinating to check over what you did and to be accountable to yourself and your goals. My diet for the first week, although technically paleo, was lacking in veggies pretty hard. I’m having Karen tweak my sheets for next week to include a daily green smoothie box and potentially a box that I check if I don’t consume anything after 7pm. I hit all the cheat meals and more…. No problem there with the dodge ball tourney & St Patricks Day,  but it really puts in to perspective the cost factor. My weight on Saturday morning was 197 and on Monday  it was back to 201. Obviously you can have daily fluctuations but still it makes you think about how 1 weekend of poor habits can easily destroy a weeks worth of work. Pick your battles and think about the cost.

So far, I am really fascinated by how well I function on such little amounts of food.  I just generally over consume and really cutting back the caloric intake has shown me just how much that is the case. Yes I was hungry, but I do think that will be the case if I am trying to get to 189 or lower. Just like training, you have to suffer to make the gains. If it was easy street, we’d all have Karen’s Abs.

As far as training was concerned, I missed 1 yoga class, 1 weakness session, 1 climbing session and 1 stretching session. Seems like a lot but I also did a high range of volume last week so I’m not that concerned. The WODs were hard and “Glen” with the 40# vest required some recovery that likely would not have been necessary on a regular day. I did 3 recovery 5K rows this week which was nice…maybe too much and I think can combine the row, run, swim, surf into one category and just make sure I get 1 of those done a day. Those are very much varied depending on how I feel. If I’m beat up,  I’ll go at a casual pace just to move….if I feel good, maybe some intervals…it’s not that structured.

Sleep last week was a bit lacking too with an early trip to the airport and covering early mornings that I usually don’t cover.  Looking forward to increasing that this week.

Mental Health was neglected! I only had 1 creative session that was not gym related. Actually it was gym related as I was making frames for posters for the bathroom and holds for the climbing wall. I did do the requisite 2 vacs of the house but that’s easy. We have three dogs at the house right now and my folks dog sheds like crazy. I neglected to check in with 3 members daily and didn’t get any work done on the support blog for CFCA coaches. Going to rectify that this week.

All in all I think analyzing this info is really important as far as developing a sense of your patterns & priorities. Where do you want to change?   Positive or negative changes happen as a result of good or bad decision making. The human body is highly adaptable to that change provided its not so shocking from where you are now. Things happen little by little.  So think about it in those terms. That is why this challenge is 90 days with 30 day increments. Make some changes over the first 30…let your body adapt, ramp it up for the next 30 etc. We don’t become mutants overnight and in the same sense we don’t become obese overnight. Changes happen you adapt to live with those changes and the positive or negative effect they have on your life. So make a sheet that will help you develop some positive change, routines and habits…and check them over every week to see where you may have gotten overzealous or where you can ramp it up another notch. Good Luck.

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