8564017440_171f2c6467_bTarget Practice.   Photo by Whit’s Dad.

Pick 1

Hill Loop x3,
Flat Loop x4
10 min Row – should be 30 secs off 500 split
10 minAirdyne- 10 sec sprints at the top of every minute

then 6 min Mobility


10 Round Barbell Complex
6 Deadlifts (touch and go)
6 Hang Power Cleans
6 Front Squats
6 Push Press

RX = 95/65#
*Use KB’s for extra challenge

5 Burpee Pull-up penalty for the bar hitting the floor after the deadlifts of course.


Partner Ascending KB Snatch ladder

*alternate with partner and alternate arms
All reps must be done by both partners on both arms.
Bell cannot hit the floor, 5 plate burpee (25/15#)  penalty per team if so..



Run the hill loop with your  partner

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