photo copyThe Rockport crew gets a workout with Rocky.


Hill Loop x3, Flat Loop x4 or 10 Solid Min Row or Dyne
Row – should be 30 secs off 500 split
Airdyne- 10 sec sprints at the top of every minute

*Loving this warm-up right now. Please mix it up and do what you suck at otherwise you will always suck at it.

Coach led Mobility


CF Opens 13.2
10 minute AMRAP of:
5 Shoulder to Overhead 115/75 #
10 Deadlift 115/75#
15 Box jump 24/20 inch

DOH! Quite similar to what we did Wednesday. If you are not competing and want to switch it up with your goats (weaknesses) that can be arranged.

Mini “Biathlon”  or  60 plated burpees 25/15#
Details of which depend on class size

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