Rally the Troops!

What are trying to do?  Coach Karen’s weekly tracker (to then help fill in the weekly accountability sheet).  Click for closer inspection. 

Make one based on YOUR specific goals maybe in excel, maybe chicken scratch photocopy. Just Do it!  

We don’t know if we were a bit bit vague regarding the rules of the warrior challenge but we DO feel like everyone that is a member of CFCA should enter it. Really the $20 is about accountability, to invest a little something into the pot. We assume you are at CFCA cause you want to make positive changes in your life.  Identifying, and later laying out those changes on paper are the first steps to achieving them.  We can help you set goals in all areas, and that is very much the point. If you have any questions please let us know as we know where most of your strengths and weaknesses are. Don’t be ashamed of your weaknesses because then you will NOT confront them.  SOOOOOO… let’s put it all out there with the intention of making considerable improvements over the next 90 days. Remember,  it’s not just about body comp changes but general lifestyle changes.  There is NO deadline for entering as you can make significant changes in even 30 days. It will help to prioritize your health and will bring a little more purpose to your time inside and outside the gym no matter who you are and that intention is a good thing.

Oh yes, and Day 1 of NO bands and NO knee push-ups is today! The crutches are gone. Get over it. It’s time to saddle up for some real work. Secondly, some days we are going to start making it mandatory to post your results on the board. Did you dog it today? Are you ashamed of your performance? Be accountable to it. The results give you a chance to see how hard your other classmates are working. Remember, that no one gives a shit BUT YOU (oh and your coaches). So if you give shitty performance and are ashamed… just plan to make the changes (mentally usually) so that it doesn’t happen next time.  We have created likely one of the most supportive environments at CFCA which is amazing… but this can also lead to complacency (“We put the ball on a tee to be certain of a hit. Participation earns a trophy.  There is no penalty for losing”)  So give it your all and you’ll reap the rewards.

Here is the details again…https://crossfitcapeann.com/2013/03/01/2013-cfca-sustainable-warrior-challenge/

Here are Coach Jon’s Goals http://izzyhasaposse.wordpress.com/2013/03/08/warrior-challenge-2013/

Follow him daily as he Posts his diet, exercise, recovery etc for the previous day.

Here are the “Secret Lab” Rants again if need be.



Spend 20 mins this week to read all that over and come up with some objectives for the next 90 days, then set your specific guidelines for the next 30 (to help you reach those 90 day objectives). If in 30 days your objectives aren’t being reached, adjust them for the next 30 days appropriately. Let’s make this the most productive 90 days yet, and when June 11th rolls around let’s see where we’re all at.

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