Part 2-
Part 3-
Part 4-

WU for the week is
10 mins TGU

3 reps on the minute then switch sides


6 minutes of Mobility (where are you banged up?)


We stole this one from cause it looked interesting and threw some running in there too.

Complete as many reps as possible in 30 minutes of:

Rope climbs and push-ups
*Run or Row 4oo m every 5 mins (5-10-15-20-25)

Count the number of trips up the rope and the number of push-ups within the half hour.

RX= Must touch steel at top.

Hands above 10ft marker
Rope pulls from floor to standing back to floor =1 rep

Pick Mods that suit you and think Quality!


Chest, Shoulder and Forearm Stretches

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