2013 CFCA (Sustainable) Warrior Challenge

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In the past we have run 60 day Paleo Challenges where the common theme was to hit it hard, make gains and often times when the challenge is over, to regress to old habits and nag us about when the next challenge starts. Because of this we are running the next challenge for 90 days (March 11th – June 10th) with the goal being to make some meaningful and SUSTAINABLE improvements in multiple areas of your life. These areas will include nutrition, exercise, recovery, sleep, and mental health as it is widely understood that all these elements are interconnected and key for performance, overall health, and body composition improvements.

The ‘rules’ for the Warrior Challenge are intentionally pretty vague because there really isn’t a one size fits all in life. You will set general goals for yourself and lay out your own ‘rules’. Every 30 days you will tweak these rules and make any necessary adjustments to help you reach your goals. Ideally we want you to make those things a priority in your daily life. That being said, changing them from being a non-factor to a somewhat priority, or at least acknowledgement would be an improvement so again, the issue of self-diagnosis comes up. Where are you right now and where do you want to be?  What can you eliminate from your life (nutrition-wise, stress-wise…etc.). What can you gain (an extra day @CF or outside the gym, recovery work, weakness training, stress relief)? Basically what positive changes can you make that are sustainable over the long term? Again, what you give is what you get so if you’re goal was to lose weight but your only ‘rule’ was to quit drinking multiple sodas a day you may need to revise your ‘rules’ on day 30 so that success is achievable. Keep in mind some of the best gains come when you step outside your comfort zone. Here are some questions to ask yourself / clarify so you can formulate ‘rules’ for each of the following 5 categories.

1. Nutrition. What are your goals? weight loss, weight gain, improve blood work?  Make your ‘rules’ with this goal in mind. You can choose to go strict Paleo or eat cheeseburgers all day – we just recommend you educate yourself and choose a set of rules with sustainability and health in mind. Think long term, what are you willing to give up or change in order to reach your goals. And don’t forget hydration & supplement guidelines for yourself either as those are important too! Remember you will be able to change your ‘rules’ every 30 days based on whether they are helping you achieve your goals or hindering your progress.

Here are some helpful links from past challenges and other websites.




2. Exercise. Is your goal for strength gain? Do you want to start running more? You want to improve on your weaknesses in specific ways? Max out your membership at CFCA? Play a new sport 1X a week? Just get some consistency?

3. Recovery. What do you want to do (or continue to do) for recovery? A solid 20 minutes of stretching or foam rolling each day? Get a massage 1X a month? Do more yoga to loosen up? Acupuncture? Recovery exercise @ conversational pace? Hot tub / sauna / ice bath? So many options, pick a few and stick to them. You MUST make recovery a priority in your life if you intend to be a healthy, non broken human being.

4. Sleep. Discuss the hours / quality you’re shooting for. Any changes you want to make to your sleeping routine like lights out by 10pm? Sleep ing a blacked out room? No TV an hour before bed? Sleep is HUGE. Get some.

5. Mental Health. What do you want to do on a daily basis to help de-stress and improve your mental health and well being? Write / Draw / Paint? Keep in better touch with family/friends? Pay it forward? Volunteer? Take a class? Meditate? Reduce technology? Stress kills. Set some nurturing rules for yourself.

No, you don’t get to make all the RULES:
1. Required $20 Entry Fee.

2. Before & After Photos and Measurements must be taken***
– You will be measuring the thickest and thinnest part of your hips/waist area.
– Photos will be taken by a CFCA coach (front, back, side).

3. Completed  Weight/Measurements Sheet at end of the Challenge.
– All numbers must be filled in and percentages calculated!

4. Completion of a Rules Accountability Sheet. You are not required to log your ‘rules’ points but this is HIGHLY recommended for the accountability factor. The top 2 scorers will be revealed and receive additional ‘votes’ on ceremony night. Anyone who completes an entire sheet will also receive an additional 1 ‘vote’ at the end of the challenge as well.

5. The Bonus Warrior Feat Challenge will be announced at the end of the 90 days. Anyone who successfully completes the challenge will automatically get 1 ‘vote’ on ceremony night. The winner of the feat will receive 3 additional ‘votes’.

***All Before Stats will be due the week of Monday March 4th- Saturday March 9th. All after stats (and completed sheets if applicable) will be due the week after June 7th.

Per the usual, our Warrior Challenge winners (1 male, and 1 female) will be chosen by the votes of the CFCA community. We will have a big potluck dinner along with a slideshow, and all the before & after photos / measurements on display. All current CFCA members have 1 vote (sorry, your friends and family are welcome to join us for the awards party but do not have voting rights). We will announce the winners of the ‘Accountability Sheet’ and ‘Warrior Feat Challenge’ and they will get their ‘votes’ marked. Then the fun will begin as we tally up the votes of the crowd and crown our new warrior challenge WINNER$!

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