“There is a huge gap between how Movement looks and how it FEELS to actually get there. People look at some of the stuff we put out there, clips of ‘fun’ stuff like One Arm Handstands, Floreio Flow on the ground, Ring work, etc and think – ‘this looks like fun’. And then…You put them through the work. Its kind of funny to see the realization sinking in… ‘This is painful, challenging, energy consuming shit and I may not be cut out to it.’  If you want to play around – that is cool, just playing and moving is great stuff. Better than nothing.

But, if you want to PLAY WELL, you have to work on your ‘Engine’ to allow you to do so. Most of the best games and explorations are not accessible to most people – they are not ‘free’ to pursue them because their ‘Engine’ is not cut out to that kind of challenge.

   So, good people, dont get confused, it is HARD WORK that allows you to then PLAY WELL.  The best Movers are the ones who are mature about it, accept the gap and realize they need to make a connection between EFFORT and ENJOYMENT.


Work hard, play well.

Text copyright by Ido Portal


Just show up!

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