13124_348806991902635_1233371326_nKate Pierson’s Project in the CA Desert. Looks nice right now.

WU for the week is

3 mins DU Practice

go for PR

7 mins
7 Goblets
7 Swings
2 TGU (per side)

*ascend in #

1 min Overhead Banded Shoulder Mobility per side


15 Mins to work up to a 5RM

*Quality over #


On the minute for 8 Mins

Max DH Pull-ups (evens)
Max Push-ups (odds)

Modify to 10 reps fresh (bands & ring rows ok)


12 Lap Total buddy sled drag
Grab a partner put them in the sled (or appropriate #) and take turns dragging each other around the course. Alternate efforts as needed until twelve laps is achieved.


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