January Member Profile

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Name: Kenneth Nolet & Thomas Nolet

K: Ken
T: Tom

Occupation outside of being a crossfit champ:
K: Assembler for Applied materials and Landscape Design
T: Field support assembler for Applied Materials (currently laid off living the dream)  : )

Hometown: Don’t really have one, haha moved around a lot but I’d say Jefferson, ME

Favorite WOD:
K: Nicole
T: “Filthy Fifty” absolute burner

Favorite Lift:
K: Front squats

T: Thrusters! Involves every muscle!

Which Class do you usually attend?
K: 5:30 pm!

T: Reppin the 5:30 – what what get some!!!

How long have you been crossfitting?
K: Since May of 2011
T: Almost one full year, many more to come!

How Did you find out about crossfit?
K: Friends in the Community
T: Everyone knows word spreads quick, so I’d say word of mouth but its hard not to pay attention to a global trend such as Crossfit, spreading like wild fire.

Did you play sports back in the day? Or was it all smoking butts under the bleachers?
K: Football, Wrestling, and Lacrosse
T: Well, first I’d smash a butt under the bleachers then take the field by storm, played lacrosse and football mostly, I was always game for any contact sport

Whats the best/worst part of having a brother be a crossfit member?
K: Competition is the best part and also the worst haha, it can motivate you and break you
T:  Best part is you always have some one to race against in every aspect of life whether it be first in line at the water cooler or dominating your other half in a WOD. Worst would be losing to your brother at anything. “ If your not first your last”

If You don’t want to “GO HARD” where do you go? 
K: The Y lol
T: The buffet line. haha Or you could join the Y. Everyone knows crossfitters go harder then most.

How has crossfit changed your life outside of the gym?
K: Crossfit adds so much to my life. Im way more active through out the day and it has helped me focus more on nutrition.

T: Besides the physical aspect, Crossfit opens your eyes to a whole new community of people with similar interests and goals. Essentially a building block to a better you. It has made me more active outdoors.

What motivates/inspires you?
K: Results! People in the community are the best motivators!
T: Watching ordinary people go to extraordinary lengths to complete a personal goal. Music helps too!

Name one goal/personal achievement you would like to achieve through crossfit?
K: My first Tough Mudder!
T: I would like to get my running endurance up, along with dropping a cuppy more pounds and sticking to the 90% paleo diet/attitude

What are your hobbies outside of crossfit?
K: Hiking, fishing, beach, sports, and hanging with friends
T: Love being active outside, playing sports is a necessary, fishing, disc golf, hiking, etc. I’m game for most activities!! New challenges always accepted.

What’s your favorite aspect of CFCA?
K: Honestly, Id have to say the community. This crowd of people is awesome! Im looking forward to another great year!
T: Definitely the community, never a dull moment in CFCA.

Any tears shed after the move from parker street?
K: After all the dreaded never ending runs down the fish pier, I never thought id say that I would miss it but it kind of  grew on me. Other than that I love the new space
T: Only when we moved the rock wall, it was very heavy, other then that not really, a step towards improvement is never tear worthy.

Any tip for newbies?
K: Don’t be intimidated by the work load, harness it and use it! Work harder then you ever have and just have fun with it. Look forward to 2013!
T: If you don’t want to go hard, you might want to check out the Y. Bring a great attitude and add it to the very vocal and diverse community everyone has helped to build around CFCA!!

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