Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 9.45.41 AMCFCA Members Ross & Todd both work on tugboats and have stretches of 3 weeks or more where they are away and likely confined to the boat. Both find a way to motivate despite lack of equipment & community support. What’s your excuse again?

7 mins for Quality
7 Wallball
7 KB Swings
7 partner tire flips and jump through


3 Rounds (35 min cap)

400m Run
Max Hang Power Clean & Jerks (until bar hits floor) 60/50% of BW
4oom Run
Max Front Squats (until bar hits floor) 70/60% of BW
400m Run
Max touch and go Deadlifts 80/70% of BW

Scale =find what you can Hang Clean & Jerk and add the 10% for FS and 20% for DL

Focus- efficiency of movement. Be smart about putting the bar down once you start to break down.

Foundational WOD

Amrap 30 Mins
Run the 400 Meter
Max Hip to Overhead with Sandbag
Run the 400 Meter
Max Front Squats with Sandbag


5 mins working on your weakness…Ring dips perhaps?

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