Memory Lane Monday

photoGet in the habit of journaling your WODs, lifts, MODs, etc. The more info you collect the more motivating and helpful it will be. We are starting to run weekly re-runs of WODs we did a year ago. If you were a member back then…compare to where you are now….and journal that shit.

L or Tuck Hold 3X Max


15 Min AMRAP

3 Muscle Ups
6 KB Snatch (each side) 53/35#
9 Toes to Bar

MOD 1:
  MU to 1 Pull-up & 1 Dip  KB Snatch to 1 arm swings

MOD 2:

15 min Amrap

10 Ring Rows
10 Box Dips
10 One Arm KB Swings Each Side
10 Knees to Waist


Bottom to Bottom Tabata Squats

*compare to Monday December 12th

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