December Member Profile

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Name: Kiwi &  Moxy Conant

Kiwi: Keys, Kiwieners, Weens, Wienerwanks, Poopers, Ten… ok I made that last one up, but I’m wicked smart and rather svelt for almost 11years old, so a pretty accurate description I think.
Moxy: Lil lady, Mox, Moxypox, Pickles

Kiwi: G*town born and raised. Me and my 10 siblings were born in the Riverdale hood. Lost a few along the way… RIP Puck and Sandy. Me and my brother Oscar are real tight still though. Bros before hoes u know!
Moxy: The piney woods of Georgia yall

Kiwi: My dad was a chocolate lab, Mom was a black lab/ rotty mix.
Moxy: Not sure really, but my theory goes a little something like this… I got my looks from a Westminster Kennel Club Black Lab, my speed from purebred greyhound, and my brains from the peanut fields of Georgia.

Favorite WOD:
Kiwi: My favorite is a good wod of Supreme Roast Beef wrappers. Easy to shred that measly foil paper wrapping, and we all know good and well there’s some sauce left in there somewhere.
Moxy:  I do love wodding up in a ball on the couches when my folks are away. Oh wait, will they be reading this? doh

Favorite lift:
Kiwi: My right leg. I’m all male, all the time. Oh and I can lift kibble from a bowl so fast bitches be droolin’.
Moxy: I can lift my front paw if that’s what you mean.

Which classes do you usually attend?
Kiwi: Fantasy Factory is about it these days. Chumps don’t bringin me in much anymore for fear of me jumping on people when they are working out. What can I say, I’m 10 goin’ on 2!
Moxy: I attended an obedience class once, that was a fail.

How long have you been a crossfitting?
Kiwi: I was shredding tire toys and ropes while some of u were still in pampers.
Moxy: I’m a weight vest wearing, bird chasing, bike pulling, rock climbing bad ass biatch. I was born crossfitting.

What motivates / inspires you?
Kiwi: Tillman,  That dawg rules. Oh and Biscuit, the real front range freak… RIP bro.
Moxy: Well, I really like Mr. TreT. He’s Ukrainian and he sure does know how to make a harness look good!

Name one personal achievement you’d like to do outside of the gym?
Kiwi: These days I’m just looking to maximize my max height jump and my flexibility as to allow for flawless entry in and out of large garbage dumpsters.
Moxy: I’d like to actually catch one of those dang sparrows at the beach one of these days.

Hobbies outside of CFCA?
Kiwi: Getting lost in the woods, eating food (anything but lettuce, so so lame), snuggling up and napping like a champ. Basically I’m just like my pops, Jon.
Moxy: Pretending to listen.  

Best tip for newbies?
Kiwi: I highly recommend you bringing messy meat snacks. And don’t wait… have someone bring that snack right over to you while you’re still laying on the ground after a hard workout. Miss your mouth a couple times, the Conant canine cleaning crew will hook it up.
Moxy: Love me.  

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