Thanks to everyone who came out for “Glen”

2 Mins each Row, Dyne, Run, Rope

3 Rounds
5 DH Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Sit-ups

then overhead mobility 2 mins per side

WOD 1.

5 Rounds for Max Load….not time  (12 Min Cap)
5  Weighted DH Pull-ups
5 Strict Press

Your Score is the total # on the last set of each.
Reps must be clean and legit (chin fully over bar, full lockout at top of press)

WOD 2.

Amrap 8 mins
10 Double Swing Clean & Press (53/35#)
Farmer Carry to second telephone pole
30 Double Unders ( mod to 15 Burpees)

WOD 3.

4 x 30/30 Bear Crawl/ Plank

Shoulder Stretches

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