Beth in the bear crawl obstacle course

Dynamic …then 5 min roll

 5 X 3 Press Reps every other min.
Advanced = Straight sets at 80% 1RM
Novice = Ascending

WOD 1: 15 min cap


3 Rounds:
400m Run
21 KB Swing 53/35#
12 Pull Ups (kips ok)

MOD 1: Bands Ok
MOD 2: 15 min Amrap -modify elements as needed to maintain speed

Focus: Fast and Unbroken reps
WOD 2: 8 mins

Partner Goblet Squats 30/30 x 8 for Max Reps total as team.

RX = 53/35#  Coach will assign # for slackers

Focus: don’t put it down

Cooldown: 7 min dyne/row/

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