REEL ROCK is Tonight! 7:30 Doors/ Movie at 8:30
Remember only 1 evening class tonight @ 4:15 so we can set up for the movie. Hope to see you there!

Warmup  10 mins



500 m row  or 1 min for cals Airdyne (the choice is yours)


20 mins for quality movements  (not for quantity or speed)
5 Wall Walks
5 Muscle-ups
5 Pistols

*400 m run between rounds

MOD/ Movement Hierarchy
Wall Walks > WW to 45+ degrees > push-up Plank
MU > Weighted/ Banded DH Pull-ups and Ring Dips that make reps of 5 very difficult
Pistols > pistol to box as low as possible >  pistol with pull-up rig pole assistance


Jog the new loop & stretch

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