October Coach Profile

Name: Scott Weissman

Nickname: Coach Scotty, Scotty 2 Hottie

Occupation outside of being a Crossfit champ:
Emergency Room Nurse and currently finishing graduate school at Northeastern to be a nurse practitioner.

Hometown: South Hamilton, MA

Favorite WOD: Cindy is my first love. WODs with some lifting. Just no running.
Favorite Lift: OHS because I can do them fairly well and the good old deadlift because it works pretty much every muscle in the body. Lot of bang for your buck.

Which class times do you usually attend?
 My CF presence has been much less this semester, but I’ve always been a die hard morning person. Got to get the WOD out of the way early in the day. I usually coach the 8 + 9 Friday classes.
How long have you been Crossfitting?
Started in 2008 at the old North Shore Crossfit facility on beautiful Park Street in Beverly. Actually on the same train tracks as the Sargent Street gym is now. It’s not on the other side of the tracks, as some will say. It just depends from which side you’re looking.

How did you find Crossfit?
A co-worker turned me on to CF when I started working at the hospital. She claimed it was the best workout around it was over and done with in an hour. Who can argue with that selling point? Learning how to train the right way seemed like a needed substitute from the everyday bench press and bicep routine at the YMCA. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Do you play sports back in the day or just now coming into your athletic prime?
I was fairly active in my younger years but wasn’t one for organized sports. During high school and college I was lifeguarding at Crane Beach in Ipswich and fell into a routine of interval training, running through the dunes and swimming in the ocean on a daily basis. Living the David Hasselhoff lifestyle and getting a perpetual tan line was the turning point for my athletic prowess.

How has Crossfit changed your life outside of the gym?
Crossfit has improved my physiological and psychological outlook immensely. The sense of accomplishment and post-workout high that accompanies every CF class totally puts my mind at ease. It allows me to maintain a mellow personality and take each day for what it has to offer. Crossfit helps me working in the ED because unexpected scenarios and suboptimal conditions arise often. Being able to harness my mind and body, much like during a WOD, allows me to critically think and manage issues as they come. I’m still waiting on that six pack to change my life as well.

What motivates/inspires you?
Like most people, I can find some inspiration from professional athletes or really lean women wearing sports bras. However, in a sick and twisted way, a lot of inspiration comes from those who have a sedentary lifestyle and poor self control. Seeing people my age who have given up on diet and exercise makes me want to work that much harder. I take solace in the fact that I will never be mad at myself for something I have near total control over: my health. I guess that I want to be around for many more years and starting young is a pretty good idea. Although Crossfit shouldn’t be the only variant of wellness, it’s a pretty damn good start. And now to reference the September Member Profile, my dad is quite inspirational because he took control of his health by doing Crossift. Nothing more than a couple days a week for the past few years. Just goes to show this stuff actually works!

Name one goal/personal achievement that you would like to achieve through Crossfit.
Crossfit has helped me feel comfortable by gaining a really proper strength and conditioning background. I like how CF markets their concepts with the generalist approach. Doing Crossfit will not make you great at any one thing in particular (I’ll eat my words, I’m sure), but it makes one physically and mentally capable for the unknown. I’m also super stoked that I recently joined the 400 club in the CFCA Deadlift Society.

I know its hard to imagine, but what are your hobbies/interests outside of Crossfit?
I’ve always enjoyed mountain biking and surfing/SUPing. I try my best to talk shop with some of the surfing pros at CFCA, but the reality is I am happy to just stand up on my board. I totally appreciate the immense sense of calm while sitting in the ocean and the shear excitement of catching a wave, even for only 5 seconds. I’ve also been settling into life in Marblehead with my girlfriend. We’re still getting over the fact that we don’t drive a Land Rover.

What’s your favorite aspect/part of CFCA?

My favorite part of CFCA is the uniqueness among all the members. Sure, most affiliate gyms will speak of community and such, but the people at Sargent Street exude the most selfless and endearing qualities found anywhere. Where else can a group of teachers, sailors, artists, surfers, restauranteurs, students, professionals, young people, and not so young people co-exists and be best friends? Its pretty amazing the cross-section of members and their unique traits they bring to our community. Add that to Jon and Karen’s hip and progressive vision for CFCA and it makes me so proud to be part of it all.

Any tears shed after the move from Parker Street?
Hill Loop: Don’t miss it.
Yoga Issues: See above.
Sketchy Dudes holding fillet knives and smoking Newport Lites: Always in my heart.
Being the most indie CF gym on a freaking commercial fish pier overlooking the harbor: Yes, kind of miss that.

Best tip for the newbies?
Other than come to the Friday morning classes? Be patient and learn from yourself and others. Everyone is at different skill levels and that is why it all works. Try hard and you won’t need to do anything else.

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