Can I tickle your feet with my nose? Photo taken on Thursday in New Jersey.


“Hells Bells”

aka Tabata KB Front Squats. Rest held in the “rack” position (KB handles touching)
Must do a minimum of 6 Front Squats per round and must complete all 8 rounds without putting the bells down.
*Only 2 guys have successfully made it through with 35# KB’s and only one has made it through with 44 #’s . Good Luck!


4 X  30 seconds work /30 seconds hold /30 seconds rest
* going through all 4 rounds of one exercise before moving to the next

Ring Dips > Ring Support >Rest
DH Pull-ups > Lock Off at top of Pull-up Hold > Rest
Squat > Squat Hold @ parallel > Rest
Burpee > Plank > Rest

Recovery Day = Nada…that was yesterday!

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