how hard can it be?


15 min to work up to 3 rep max Front Squat



3 rounds for time

35 Wallball 20/14#
15 Pull-ups (kips ok)

12 min cap

MOD/ Movement Hierarchy
Pull-ups >Burpee pull-ups
*no bands

reminder to write your goals on the board…

Do yourself a favor and read this before you do

A few gems from the linked article all written by Mark Twight.

“Be willing to move on from a particular identifying idea or activity or period in your life. When it is time to do so, let it go instead of inhabiting it. Do not become it, or die chained to it.”

“Bite off more than you can chew – deal with indigestion or the tiger on the end of the tail if it becomes an issue
Maybe it won’t”

“Do not coast”

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