The skinny on the New Space, moving, helping… etc.

So, as we make the transition to the new space we wanted to let you guys know the approximate schedule as a bunch of you have offered to lend a hand. We plan to start the process this Friday night after the evening class so come down if you want to help. The name of the game will be just taking things down… shelving, plywood, pull-up rig etc. If you have a cordless drill, bring it down! 

  Then, This Saturdays Team WOD will involve loading up trucks and bringing it all over to the new gym (18 Sargent Street). So, technically not a WOD, but hey, you can jog a sandbag over if you’d like. If you have a truck we’ll take whatever we can get and all the hands that want to help. We’ll keep you posted as to whats happening Sunday and the first few days of next week as try to make sense of everything. We are going to try to make the transition as seamless as possible for a move this big so please be patient as workouts Monday and Tuesday in the gym may be on the simple side… we all know “simple” in CF doesn’t really mean simple though so don’t be fooled. Remember Hell Track’s still there… did you get to say goodbye?

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