Rick, Bill, Christina, Karen & Jon braved the Blackburn this year. Next year lets at least triple the CFCA participation!!

Warm-up for the Week is..

8 min Double Under/ Jumprope Practice….
see chart below and find where you currently are and get goal by weeks end

Current     >      Goal by end of week
Double Jump Singles > Proficient at Singles (no double jump)
Singles only > Singles-Double-Singles
Singles-Double-Singles > Consecutive Doubles
Consecutive Doubles >PR for DU’s


Volume Training on a Weightlifting weakness of your choice
2-3 amazingly perfect reps on the minute  for 20 Mins

Double Unders

* 15 min Cut-off

if you can do doubles…do them! Attempts count.

Compare to Thursday March 29th

Single Jumprope x 2


Stretch…especially claves

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