June Member/Coach Profile

? Megan Goddard

Nickname? I fear the nicknames that could emerge thanks to those fine Crossfit photos on FB.

Occupation outside of being a Crossfit Champ? The best waitress at The Rudder and a student at Salem State.

Hometown? Rockport

Favorite WOD? Annie, for sure. Actually, any WOD with double unders makes me happy!

Favorite Lift? If I have to pick ONE… OH squats. But I love them all!

Which classes do you usually attend? I’m all over the place for times but I like to come 3-4 times a week. Mornings are always nice because then I don’t have butterflies all day before the WOD.

How long have you been Crossfitting? How long have we been open? I was first introduced when I lived in the south, Crossfit Atlanta back in the day, that definitely gave me a thirst for it. I have been at Crossfit Cape Ann since the minute Jon (finally) opened! I was beyond ecstatic when I heard he was opening. I couldn’t shut up about it , and still can’t!

How did you find Crossfit? I was at an Empower Yoga class suffering through the heat when the guys next to me from another Crossfit started talking about CF. They told me they heard there was one opening in G-Town so I stalked Jon on Facebook for about a month or so, itching to get in!

What’s your athletic background? We can assume the basketball coach recruited you early on yes? I played some HS sports, field hockey and basketball, yes. I worked my butt off and make the college basketball team, but I was awful, really. I think I had like 2 points for the year. I got into distance running after college, and ran a ton of half marathons. Then took up every fitness class I could from spinning to yoga to this trampoline class… I loved trying to get my butt kicked! My first introduction to cf in Atlanta was “Karen”, 150 wallballs for time…. I couldn’t walk for a week, had to call out of work and I was instantly hooked.

How has Crossfit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness? Well, besides being stronger, faster, and healthier than ever, it has made me a stronger person mentally. It has definitely become a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing it with people on a daily basis. Oh, it also made me 20# lighter and a carnivore! Go meat!

What motivates and inspires you? A lot of things inspire me at Crossfit, especially seeing new members and older members not give up during a workout. I love watching people come in and transform over time, it makes me so pumped! Also, watching the games footage is unreal. I always feel like I can go out and bust out 100 muscle ups after watching those athletes kick ass! … and then I’m quickly put back in my place!

To say you’ve got the double under down would be an understatement… how many are you up to now and what’s the secret sauce?! I love them. Always loved jumping rope! I think I am up to 114…shooting for 200. As for my secret sauce? It’s a Paleo base, but I can’t give you the full recipe before I beat Jon!

Name one goal/personal achievement that you would like to achieve through Crossfit. I want to master the body weight stuff so that it is solid. Dips, handstand push ups, L-Sits… wait, that’s three goals…

What’s your favorite aspect/part of CFCA? All of the people I have met and the fun things that it has led to outside of the gym.

Outside of CF, what other hobbies/interests fill your days up? I like to stay pretty active, ride my bike, walk my dogs wherever, hit the beach now that it’s summer and I love to go out to eat! Always looking for delicious new spots to try, and obviously this includes homemade ice cream spots.

Best tip for new members? Stick with it, keep your goals clear and don’t be intimidated, we were all new once!

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