May Member Profile

Jenny Davis

Nickname: JD or JD2 (which I believe was coined within CFCA walls by the Fraelicks)

Occupation outside of being a Crossfit champ:  Ah a perfect spot for a little shameless business plug- I own and operate a small company called Second Wind Sails where I handcraft all sorts of cool stuff from recycled sails from sailboats. …and I’m hoping to launch a bigger venture in the near future but still top secret at the moment. Ok, Ok, it’s called Onshore Designs! it’s an outdoor lifestyle company where everything is made Onshore…bringing manufacturing back to good ol’ US of A. So far you might notice, wallets, bags, t’s, and sailcloth hats around the gym but there is a lot more to come…

Hometown:  Gtown baby- born, raised, and returned.

Favorite WOD:  Cindy for fun factor or Kelly because it’s just straight brutal

Favorite Lift:  Probably strict press because it’s hilarious to watch- otherwise the good ol’ pull-up is pretty badass- nothing like lifting your own body weight, over and over.

Which class times do you usually attend?  Routine is the enemy. But you can find me regularly at Mon/Wed 5:30pm and Friday 8am, haha.

How long have you been Crossfitting? 476 days

How did you find Crossfit / CFCA?  How did everyone find out about crossfit/CFCA… HEATHER FRAELICK, of course! I didn’t even know her that well and she sent me this shady FB message saying, “hey I just started this thing called Crossfit and every time I do it I think, Jenny Doane would dig this” and she was right ;) Don’t worry I sent her a super emo reply months later thanking her for changing my life.

We’ve seen the bloody scrapes, and heard of broken ribs… so just what are you getting yourself into outside of the gym these days?  Oh boy, unfortunately it’s mostly all about sailboat restoration, business meetings, and trail running to tire my boundlessly energetic cattle dog with the occasional mountain bike, skate, or climbing sesh in between, these days. But once the boat is rearing to go, you can catch me aggressively/accidentally doing 360’s in the harbor (better recognized by the giant t-rex skull on my jib sail), at the beach grilling meat/ hoping for surf, in the woods mountain biking/ trail running, and (hopefully if Jon, Karen, Andrew, and I stay motivated) climbing.

How has Crossfit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness?  Oh Jesus, think this question will bring on the water works do ya!? Haha no, no, totally kidding. In all seriousness, Crossfit has changed my life dramatically, and quite honestly far more than I’d like to admit. Although I always considered myself an athlete, I never trained at anything (after I graduated high school) with the vigor (yes, I just used that word), purpose, and direction Crossfit provides. The sports and activities I love were, just that, something I loved to do in my free time- my outlet in life. I never thought that I could use a style of cross training to build strength, endurance, and stamina that would translate into helping me excel in these activities outside the gym. Crossfit has enabled me to view my body as a machine; I can expect to get out of it, exactly what I put in to it (nutritionally and physically speaking). My journey in CF has taught me so much about the importance and delicate balance one must create between health, wellness, and fitness and the role each has in relation to longevity and productivity.  It’s also introduced me to some of the coolest people I’ve met thus far (who I now consider some of my best friends), strongly instilled a sense of belonging in a community (which was definitely lacking beforehand), and helped me achieve a level of fitness and health that I did not know was possible for myself…so yeah, I’d say its been pretty good.

We’ve all benefited from some of your sewing handiwork in the gym (You can thank Jenny for those sandbags!), but what are you busy working on when we aren’t asking you to make more bags of sandy torture?  Oh god, the horror, what am I not busy working on might be a better question. Right now, 125 wine bags, a million retail/client orders for SWS, putting some more early morning hours in at the sail loft helping a local sail maker out, and getting Onshore off the ground…oh wait, and I still owe you guys some more sandbags, so that too… shit.

What motivates/inspires you?  Lots and Lots of things. This might sound corny and it’s pretty hard to articulate but I’d have to say I’m inspired the most, creatively anyway, by the natural environment. We literally live in such an incredible and beautiful place, I guess it would be near impossible not to draw inspiration in some form from the natural beauty that surrounds us…and yes I’m one of those annoying sappy people constantly inspired by the world around me- noting it every opportunity possible. Haha but other than nature, people, and the things people do/achieve in the natural environment inspire me for sure…which then motivates and inspires me to create gear that functions to help said people maximize their performance in the environment

Name one goal/personal achievement that you would like to achieve through Crossfit.  A strict MUSCLE UP.

What’s your favorite aspect/part of CFCA?  Yeah, yeah, yeah, so we all always say community is the best part, right? Well, that is because, yes, it is- but let me take a different spin on it… My favorite aspect or part of CFCA is the fact that working out is no longer a chore- it is literally a privilege. You show up for said WOD and you are greeted with a group of diverse, rad, and (for the most part) funny people who are stoked to get at whatever the workout is, give it their all, and help inspire and push you to give it your all. I’m sorry but you can’t get this type of support anywhere else…which is pretty darn sweet.

What’s your best tip for new members?  From me, it would be not to take it too seriously and remember to use CF as a tool to become better at things you care about in life outside the gym. Crossfit should be a means not an end. Also don’t live by the board or get caught up in outperforming the best numbers – use it as a strategic tool for yourself to evaluate where you are now and where you want to be. Oh, and since I’ve been injured a million times now and had to take the entire summer off last year from lifting weight over my head… LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

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