April Member Profile

Name: Dena Thornton

Nickname: I don’t have one.

Occupation outside of being the CFCA’r who ALWAYS has a smile on her face: nurse or nurse practitioner, depending on the day

Hometown: Auburn, MA

Favorite WOD: I think I like Fran – only because I have this goal of RXing it one day

Favorite Lift: I sort of like all the olympic lifts- my favorite may be the snatch.

Which class times do you usually attend?
I don’t have usual days- I go on my days off and have tried all the times- I guess I prefer the 9:15a and the 5:30pm

How long have you been Crossfitting?
I sort of found out about it 2 years ago but didn’t really get into it until July 2011 when I found CFCA

How did you find Crossfit?
I found CF on the internet when I was searching for an exercise class to go to that wasn’t zumba or step

You’ve got some great technique, is this something you’ve developed from years of athletic experience or are you just a natural?
Well, thank you- I guess it is natural since I haven’t ever done anything athletic before crossfit. I mean I did dance when I was 6 or 7 but that didn’t last long. I wanted to be a bodybuilder when I was 14- my parents drove me to the gym (the weightlifting kind of gym – no health club for me) everyday for 3 months- then the owner (he was a former Mr. Massachusetts) got shot execution style outside the front door of the gym thereby ending my bodybuilding dreams. It’s hard to get places like that when you are 14- I can’t say my parents were upset, even though they are 150% supportive of anything I tried, later in life I heard my Dad hated the idea but he would have never told me that himself. Anyways, that is about athletic as I got until after college and I joined a gym to run on the treadmill….

How has Crossfit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness?
I am definitely stronger and much more educated about what I put into my body and it has made me take an active role in my health- I eat better, work out better, sleep better and relax more.

We heard you’ve been working flexibility in your downtime at a class coined ‘stretching with the stiffs’… tell us more…
Ah yes- my friends and I were complaining about how inflexible (is that a word?) we are so we decided to ask one of the girl’s nieces, who is a personal trainer, to give us a stretching class. Originally it was going to be at this trainer’s studio but her studio’s opening got delayed so another one of the girls offered up the family business as a place to hold the class until the studio opens. Well- the business happens to be a funeral home, thus the title of the class “stretching with the stiffs.”

What motivates/inspires you?
You guys- the entire CFCA community- everyday I am a little inspired by some members accomplishment in the gym or in life- Jon, Eric and Ross paddling with THEIR HANDS through the Blackburn challenge, Karen and Heather paddling a Dory to represent the USA!, Lindsay and Ethan finding time to make it to the gym and raise 7 soon to be 8 kids, Amanda for dealing with life’s crap and finding happy again- the list goes on and it is totally motivating. Thanks everyone.

Name one goal/personal achievement that you would like to achieve through Crossfit.
Well, this year I want to finish a triathlon -I had big goals (1/2 ironman) but since I need to learn/practice the swimming piece- I think olympic this year and 1/2 next year.

I know its hard to imagine, what are some of your other hobbies/interests outside of Crossfit?
I own a horse and spend a lot of time at the barn.

What’s your favorite aspect/part of CFCA?  The people, being part of an amazing community.

What’s your best tip for new members? Keep showing up

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