Paleo Challenge Reminder

Quick Reminder if you want to be in the Paleo Challenge!

Step 1: Find a partner (we can help)

Step 2: You + your partner come do the Performance Test.
… Times include: Saturday 9am, Sunday 3:30pm, Tuesday (any class), or message us offline to set up another time if you must.

Step 3: After or before your Performance test get caliper’d/weighed by Karen.

Step 4: You and your partner need to take your BEFORE photos. One from the front, one from the side, one from the back. Wear whatever you’d like (workout gear, sports bra, bathing suit), just remember you’re the only one that will really remember what you look like so LET IT GO :)

Step 5: Email those photos to us:

Step 6: Pay $40/team and it’s official – YOU ARE IN it TO WIN IT!

Step 7: Eat well, work out hard, and have fun! Be supportive, while discretely eating cleaner and working harder than everyone. No one loses.

Step 8: Challenge is over on March 23rd. Take your AFTER pics and email them, and stay posted for dates/time for the Performance Retest / caliper check.

Step 9: Paleo Party and Awards – March 31st!

Still confused: Here’s the grits again in case you missed it…

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