We have some stickers that you can use to put on the outside of your journals so you can find them faster.

Overhead Squat Practice


OverHead Squat 3-3-3-3-3

3 reps every 2 minutes


Push Press
KB Swing

RX: PP 95/65# KB 70/53#
MOD: PP  75/55#  KB 53/35#

Level 1

Amrap 8 mins of

7 KB Swings
7 KB Push Press (each arm)

Cool Down


* 50/5 means you work on a weakness for either 5 minutes or do 50 quality reps of said weakness. These will range drastically in that some of you are super tight! some need work on gymnastic movements, etc etc.  Think about where you suck and take the time to work on it…if you don’t think you suck at anything then do what you like the least. Don’t rush through it.

We will be doing this really frequently (ie daily) so think about 3-4 movements or areas to work on and pick one for each day you come to class.

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