Thanks > Giving..It’s Called Gratitude!

  Been meaning to write this ever since the Halloween Party but a combination of being crazy busy and a brief stint of sickness had put it on the back burner.  Originally we had plans to Thank You Guys in some sort of speech at the one year anniversary, but I worried it might end up like my speech to Karen at our rehearsal dinner…at which I was a sobbing mess (out of happiness mind you).  But I thought I would spare you guys the discomfort of a sobbing 200# man dressed in drag.

  However, I still need to express just how thankful Karen and I are for all you guys.  The past year has been amazing! Period.  You guys rule… and the community that has formed as a result of CFCA is so much stronger than I ever dreamed initially.  You guys have no idea how full filling it is for us to see you all connecting in & out of the gym and how you all have taken on CF as a major part of your life. It’s so inspiring to us that sometimes we just stop and pause to smile at how great it is.  We don’t pat ourselves on the back though because it was YOU that made that happen. We facilitated with creating the space, but it is the community that makes us most proud.

  Truth be told, when I was hashing out the details of my vision for CFCA.. I had no idea what would happen. All I knew was I was at a breaking point with my day to day life. I was frustrated to the point where I finally uttered the liberating words of “F*ck it! I’m doing this!”   That combined with Karen’s blessing to make CFCA happen finally got the ball rolling.  As the process moved forward there were  no hitches that made me second guess that decision…and I second guess ALOT!  It was very smooth and exciting.

  Karen’s initial support with graphics and unique touches to the space quickly grew into a more permanent partnership.  I’m so thankful for the way she has taken things on because basically I would have failed without her.  So if you are ever are thankful for CFCA just tell her Please!

  Other shout outs go to Heather and Scott. These guys have taken our vision for CFCA, adopted it, made it their own..and in the process we are all better for it! THANK YOU guys for stepping up to help us in times of need and just being generally awesome supportive people. Excited to have you guys as we continue to grow.

  Also a Huge THANKS to Kevin Phoenix.  Because of him you guys are not icing yourselves with lame-o CFCA ice packs but are reaping the benefits of an amazing swag bag that again exceeded our expectations by 1000%.  Kevin, your generosity is insanely appreciated by everyone! I’ll say it again “Your the MAN!”

  And here’s to YOU. Thanks for your support over the past year!  Thanks for Inspiring us! Thanks for letting us be a part of your Life!

  I once read a quote in an old climbing guidebook to Colorado that said “to be defined, is to be degraded”. I always remembered that and thought it was so true.  If someone asked me on the street to define CFCA..I don’t think I could…cause you could never fully express what it is…and that’s when you know your a part of something really special.

Here’s to 2012! Love you guys

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