October Member Profile


Gina Briguglio & Vincent Briguglio

G: Gigi Lolobird, Big G
V: Vinny, Vindawg, Vindicator, Vinster…(too many to list!)

Age and weight?

G: 37 years old; 145 lbs, down from 160 lbs a year ago
V: 38 years old; 188 lbs, down from 213 before starting paleo diet in January 2011

Occupation outside of being a Crossfit champ:
G: Office manager & executive assistant at Egon Zehnder International, a management consulting firm in Boston.
V: Professional bass player and mechanical Inspector at Bomco Inc. in Gloucester.


G: Gloucester though I grew up in Southern Calif & spent my college years in North Carolina
V: Island native baby!

Favorite WOD:
G: Any benchmark workouts since I am super competitive and WANT MY NAME ON THE BOARD! LOL
V: haven’t developed any favorites really but I’m partial to the ones that include a 200 or 400 meter run.

Favorite Lift:
G: My favorite you ask? Well that’s easy, its called the Fork Lift – from my beautiful Paleo plate to my mouth.
V: So far, in terms of lifting, Ive been enjoying my slow progress with pull-ups… if those can be considered  lifts.

Which class times do you usually attend?
G: 7 pm during the week and Team on Saturdays
V: Either 5, 6, or 7 pm during the week and Team on Saturdays

How long have you been Crossfitting?
G: 10 months
V: Around 2 months

How did you find Crossfit?
G: Through Miz Heather Fraelick
V: I was encouraged to join by my lovely wife Gina.

Do you have an athletic background or was is all cigarettes behind the bleachers back in the day?

G: I played soccer, track, volleyball, and basketball when I was younger.  Still very active but not in any leagues or on any teams (unless you count CFCA!)
V:  I played soccer growing up. That’s pretty much it. I enjoyed the occasional bike ride or going swimming too. Never been too athletic. I put the soccer ball away back in early highschool when my interest in guitars and girls took over! Yeah, and I did smoke cigarettes for about 13 years until I quit in sept. 2002.

How has Crossfit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness?
G: Ha! I thought I was athletic when I joined and I was really just looking for some personal training. I was not fit at all by CF standards and my nutrition was atrocious. Crossfit has changed everything about how I see fitness, health, well-being and it has completely transformed our family lifestyle. Crossfit and Paleo are key elements to our health, happiness & sanity. Without CFCA I would still be completely in the dark with a big wheat belly.
V: I’ve dropped a whole bunch of weight, I feel better and stronger.

What motivates/inspires you?
G: Being around people who project positive energy, setting goals, crushing said goals. I am particularly inspired by our CrossFit especially the Cape Ann members. Love our ‘lil clubhouse and how everyone lifts you up.
V: To be honest, I like how crossfit seems to challenge the accepted norms about what it means to “work out”. I like how the gym is stripped down and the exercises are the old tried and true stuff. It’s refreshing to not see so many machines. Then combined with Paleo, it gives new meaning to the expression “going against the grain” LOL.

Name one goal/personal achievement that you would like to achieve through Crossfit.
G: My newest goal is to get my dead hang pull up, I can kip but need to get the dead hang now.
V: Well, I especially suck at handstand pushups. Being able to do at least two would be great!

I know its hard to imagine, but do you have hobbies/interests outside of Crossfit?
G: Long walks on the beach or on the boulevard with Oliver our mini-hotdog, I also love reading, gardening in the summer, snowboarding in the winter, and being outdoors in general.
V: Strumming my guitar at home, playing bass in bands, hanging out with my lady, and watching documentaries. Dig cooking too.

What’s your favorite aspect/part of CFCA?
G: The members have all become friends. Literally. I count CFCA as my ‘community’ and I love being able to work out with my peeps. They inspire me, challenge me, and help me not to take it all too seriously. The other thing I really like about CFCA is that we do not have any mirrors and taking the ‘vanity’ out of my workout is a welcome change from every gym I have every joined in the past.
V: I like feeling that I can put trust in my trainers there.  I believe in Jon, Karen, Heather and the rest of the team to put workouts together that make sense and are productive. I find it educational in general and I’m learning about myself.

Any brilliant advice for new members?
G: Take it slowly. Scale your workouts and don’t pressure yourself to compete against the other folks in class. Start by committing to 2 days a week, the results are inevitable if you put in the time. And don’t forget how important nutrition is to your goals. I think its like 30% physical activity and 70% what you put in your mouth. Get educated and make changes that work with your particular lifestyle. I recommend reading the Primal Blueprint.
V: Leave the ego at home and work hard.  Can’’t say more than that for now. I still regard myself as the new member in need of advice.

We heard your honeymoon was an all inclusive food/beverage fest. How’d your Paleo diet hold up on Temptation Island?
G: OMG – we loved the idea of an all-inclusive but honestly, its hard to eat Paleo on a tropical island. We couldn’t find leafy greens to save our lives. Every salad was iceberg lettuce L There were some very nice meals but we were just craving vegetables. There was a lot of fresh fruit which was nice. The booze is a big let down bc its some cheap brand and while those pina coladas & daiquiris’ look delish, in reality they are pure high fructose corn syrup – YUCK! So the honeymoon was a dream but the Paleo eating got thrown out the window…
V: No chance. I let it all go to my own detriment. I ate and drank everything. By the second to last day the resort’s resident doctor made a housecall to our suite where I was in bed thinking I was going to die from appendicitis. The pain was right in the appendix area. I was ready for them to cut me open and rip it out. Good thing I was wrong!

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