Sweatshirts are in! but…..

Hi crew
We’ve got a little sweatshirt issue on our hands here… due to a miscommunication we’ve got some hoodies in, but they aren’t exactly what we’d thought we were getting. They look great – nice black with silver ink, but are thinner – more like a jacket you’d wear to warm up in for a workout / about tshirt thickness. So… what we’re going to do is reorder sweatshirts – in the thicker version like we’d originally discussed with everyone. In order not to duplicate the look of the ones we already have now, we’re going to switch over to 2nd most popular color/ink choice and go with Navy Sweatshirt. The thicker sweatshirts are going to still cost $45, but the thinner ones we already have are going to sell for $30. So for those of you who already paid, you’ve got 3 options… chose one:

1. I like the thinner black hoody you’ve already got in stock, give me back my $15 puleeease.

2. I will patiently wait for the thicker Navy hoody thank you very much.

3. I hate you, how could you do this to me. I just want my money back.

We’ll bring the new black hoodies down to the gym so you can take a look and try them on. There will be a sign up sheet at the gym for you to fill out your choice in the matter. Please do so, or email / facespace us to let us know what you’d like to do. Sorry about the mixup – you can imagine when we anxiously opened the box – and oh the horror!  Get us your choice asap so we can get the new ones ordered!

CFCA merch headquarters

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