Ahh..I have found my secret get away when I need to not think. Thanks to Sean for building this half pipe for his kids!

Amrap 7min @ 60% effort
10 MB front squat
10 hand release pushups
200 meter jog


Clean variations and 10 minutes to warmup for WOD

Squat Cleans (135, 95)
200 Meter Run

Hang Squat Cleans ( 95, 65)
200 Meter Run

Freshie WOD
Clean Pulls
200 Meter Run

pier jog and two minutes holding toe touch stretch

* Because of the international dory races, 3 of the 4 trainers will be headed up to Nova Scotia this Thursday. The result of that is that the gym will be closed plan to take a rest day please.  Treetop yoga will be doing some soundproofing in our space at that time as well.  The Wod for friday is “Scenic Cruise” aka run the backshore for time (4.9 miles door to door) ….so we will not technically be open but you can still plan to meet other cfca-ers and get your run on…it’s supposed to be nice that day. Things are back to normal for the Saturday Team Workout at 8am and we will resume the regular schedule on Monday.  Thanks in advance for understanding!

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