August Profile- The Conants

Jon Conant
Karen Conant
Maz Conant

Jon: Jonnycakes, CheeseSteak
2016 Update: Daddy, Dida

Karen: kpup, chuckles978
2016 Update: kpizzleMcDrizzle, mamaaaaaaaa !!!

Maz: Bubba, Buggy, Mazzerson, Mazzy, Wiggles

Jon: a spry 33
2012 Update: Surprisingly I am 34.
2016 Update: 38! Holy Cow!!!

Karen: a ripe 33
2012 Update: 34 is the new 24 right?
2016 Update: Well, few years there are real fuzzy but I’m 37. Right? Yes, 37.

Maz: A terrific 2

Jon: Co-owner of CFCA, occasional maker of creative art/objects, occasional laborer
2016 Update: Father to 1 but soon to be 3 boys!

Karen: freelance graphic designer, farming, crossfit coach and co-owner of CFCA
2016 Update: I still do graphic design on the side, and help out at CFCA. Very little coaching at this point because I’m a walking house with twins cooking right now. No more farming, but I do look forward to having a thriving garden again when the sun comes out and I have ample time on my hands. Aka, a few years.

Maz: Eating, playing, pooping and weeing like a boss. Oh, and doing puzzles and playing with LOTS of trucks in between.

Jon: Beautiful Manchester by-the-Sea..if you didn’t know it was on the ocean!
Karen: Glorious Myrtle Beach, South Crackalac
Maz: G*town baby

Favorite WOD:
Jon: I like the longer efforts like “Kelly” or “Eva” I like to lose myself in the process of getting it done.
2012 Update: Still like the longer ones. But excited for some heavy lifting at the new space.
2016 Update: Any kettlebell complexes and team or partner chippers

Karen: hmmm, not sure about that one. I do love a team workout though!
2012 Update: Anything with a manageable # of MU’s, and some DU’s to kill me conditioning-wise.
2016 Update: I look forward to getting back to those workouts with MUs and pullups and DUs and sprinting but lately I’ve been taking it so easy it sure is going to be a challenge to get back. I’m most especially looking forward to climbing hard again with all the guys and gals that are into it right now! Been super fun.

Maz: 5 min AMRAP of sled pushing trucks around the house

Favorite Lift:
Jon: Clean and Jerk
2012 Update: Turkish Get Up.
2016 Update: Currently the Kettlebell Swing Clean Thruster or Renegade ManMakers They both are so good for full body strength endurance, mental strength and overall fitness.

Karen: Deadlift
2012 Update: Clean & Jerk (split jerk obviously)
2016 Update: Not that I’ve done anything close to one lately… it’s a challenge just to get up off a couch but now I’ve really become quite fond of the barbell Turkish Get Up. Look forward to trying those again soon.

Maz: I can jump like 2 inches off the ground with both feet. Now that’s what I call lifting. 

A couple more Q’s for Maz then it’s nap time so here goes, let’s see what he has to say…

Members want to know, what’s it like to be one of the cutest toddlers on Cape Ann?
Maz: I pretty much get the royal treatment. All 33lbs of love and I get carried to and from places like a king, I get snacks in the car, I get to be a big hambone at the gym when I show up. It’s pretty much the top of the pops.

Are all the girls swooning with those blue blue eyes?
Maz: So, I have this lil friend Abby at daycare ok. And I talk about her all the time when I get home… “Abby likes sunsets, Abby likes trains, Abby likes cheese, Abby has a tattoo (that was a joke I made with mom :)”…etc. But man shooot –  when we at daycare she likes to play it cool and ignore me so I’m not sure they are really working for me yet!

So we hear you are going to be a big bro x 2, what do you REALLY think about all that?
Maz: Wait what? Who did it! 

Alright,  back to serious business with your folks. Night night Maz…

How long have you been Crossfitting?
Jon: since early 2008ish I think.
Karen: since 2009ish

How did you find Crossfit?  How /where did you get started CF ing?  And how does Crossfit differ from your last gym or exercise routine?

Jon: I found Crossfit through  a few climbers who were doing Mark Twight’s programming at Gym Jones. Someone tipped me off that Gym Jones was a hybrid of Crossfit and to check CF out.  So I did. I started doing the WODs as best I could in the basement of the Cape Ann YMCA. (before they turned it into a spin room)  I wasn’t really doing the gym thing ever before. Prior to CF, we had just moved back to Gloucester from Rhode Island and I was getting intentionally lost in Dogtown trying to learn all the trails. Besides that I was climbing and surfing a lot.

Karen: Jon got all into it, I mean ALL into it. You know, like Junkyard Dog all into it. He dragged me along to do WODs with him in the basement of the YMCA, then he joined North Shore Crossfit and eventually when money allowed I joined as well. Crossfit is basically the only kind of working out at a gym I’ve done consistently for over a month at a time. I used to get so bored and just couldn’t push myself (8lb dumbbells used to feel heavy to me – wow), but at Crossfit, having someone tell me what to do is just about the only way to get me to work this hard, and it *usually feels great afterward.

Was it hard to convince the other to try it?

Jon: I don’t really remember. Karen did join me for some WODs at the Y.  Just like most couples she was probably tired of me talking all about it and decided to check it out for herself. Those days were pretty rudimentary. There wasn’t to much gear or space in the basement of the Y so we did a lot of fast paced gymnastic WODs…lots of push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups.

Karen: I don’t think I was hard to convince, but I was playing derby full-time basically so I didn’t have a ton of free time. Once I joined the gym (no more basement workouts), I ended up over training initially so I had to step back a bit and get a more balanced approach. I was hooked right away though basically.

Which class time do you usually attend?

Jon: Most of them.
2012 Update: Less now thanks to Heather, Scott, Meg & Karen!
2016 Update: Been a little MIA lately in classes cause I’ve been focused more on climbing based workouts but I’m trying to mix it up and hit some 6:30AM’s or jump in with the noon crew and a few afternoon classes when I can.  Way tougher to plan than I ever thought when children enter your life and your wife is currently pregnant with twins.

Karen: I like to go to all different classes. I’ve yet to freshen up to a 6:30am class to workout, but I enjoy working out with a bunch of different folks all the time so basically I just go whenever the mood strikes me (or time allows these days).
2012 Update: I’ve since made it to the 5:30am class, not to work out though. Ha!
2016 Update: I’m a ladies night junkie and hit up random others that I can swing right now. Still not a 5:30am’er though – not that I’m not almost always already awake though I can promise you guys!

What is your athletic background?

Jon: Pretty much played everything as a kid. Soccer tryouts in grade school made it apparent that I could run faster/longer than my peers so I checked out cross-country when I got to high school. Coincidentally, the cross-country running coach was also the Nordic ski coach and he pretty much hi-jacked my plans to be an alpine skier and convinced me to join the Nordic squad. I did pretty well with both sports getting to a national level but was pretty burned out after 4 years and was starting to suffer from overuse injuries. College in Colorado meant much trail running and climbing after an initial bout with mono.  I was too shy to socialize with other students, so I would do epic long workouts in the pool, weight room and track to minimize my time talking to others.

Karen: I did some gymnastics when I was little, but never got farther than the cart-wheel (and even that wasn’t pretty). In 7th grade, I was the class ping-pong champion, just the facts jack. In high school, I played a little tennis, basketball, softball and track here and there. Pretty much anything but cross-country… that just looked awful. I didn’t do much in college other than eat fast food (as you all already know by now) and walk to high rocks and sit in the sun. Got a little more motivated after college, started surfing and climbing to keep up with my hot boyfriend (‘cakes) and played roller derby for the last 4 or so years until recently.

How has Crossfit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness?

Jon: I’m much stronger and I actually enjoy going and get kind of bummed when I used to miss workouts because I couldn’t get to CF. I think this is true for most and probably why CF has been so successful worldwide. Not many people look forward to going to the gym.
2016 Update: After Maz was born, I definitely switched the focus from performance to more long term sustainability and that’s really where I am now. Trying to balance the work capacity efforts of crossfit with my passion for climbing, some moderate intensity Mtn/Road biking or trail running and hopefully some more yoga/recovery work to round things out as injury prevention. I love being active but I also have found that I need to be smart about not overdoing it. I want to be able to do everything with my boys as much as I can basically until I die and for me that means putting way more focus on quality movements over quantity when it comes to workouts now, keeping the volume in check and making sure to warm up and cool down sufficiently on those harder days.

Karen: I’m developing a real sense of confidence in feeling and looking ‘strong’. Derby was a big push in this direction, and Crossfit helps keep it real too so to speak. I want nice juicy glutes of steel now more than ever. Paleo eating has definitely changed my lifestyle for the better as well. I think about where my food comes from and enjoy delicious fresh food more than ever before. I have an appreciation for what I eat and how that will be fueling me to do the things I want to.
2012 Update: Glutes of steel are still in the works, Paleo at home 100% but what happens where I eat out, stays where I eat out. Lots of CFCA members in the restaurant industry = lots of dirt on the Conants!
2016 Update: I think now most of all how CF has affected me is that I have this insanely inspiring and incredible community of women and men that I’ve grown with and gotten to know at the gym over the last almost 5+ years. These are some of my best friends now and I really have to say it’s because of Crossfit. Physically, with birth being by far the most difficult abdominal workout I’d ever done (wowzers), it certainly helped me during the pregnancy to keep active, during birth, and recovering after. After Maz was born, going to CFCA helped me get back into my physical body again in both a physical & mental way… it always felt good to just show up, talk to friends, and give the hour to focusing on working hard for myself and nothing else. 33 weeks now on pregnancy #2 and I’m thankful to be showing up and moving/entertaining folks :)

What motivates/inspires you?

Karen: Jonnycakes always, and watching people who make hard things look easy.
2012 Update: How could I have forgotten Gerry Lopez & Bruce Lee? Idiot.
2016 Update: As for people, I’m staying strong with my previous statements because they all rule. But ok… hippie alert!… overall what motivates and inspires me these days is love really. Kind people, all the beauty outside and above – just this opportunity to be here and living this life. With so many folks doing incredible things around me all the time – it’s the people that stay in the moment and treat others with kindness during the process that really inspire me most. Those that overcome challenges and come out the other side stronger, kinder, and a more rich human inspire me the most… because that’s who I strive to be.

Jon: Lots of things…People pushing the standards of their sports without much fanfare…Chris Sharma, Alex Honnold, Mikko Salo come to mind… progression of CFCA members and seeing their faces light up when they do something they thought they couldn’t. Of course Karen who gets all nervous before she performs and blows it out with ease. She got MVP of her very first derby bout and scored over ½ her team’s points!  She inspired a lot of people with her smooth style and nonchalance on the track. That’s cool!
2012 Update:  Gerry Lopez yes! Also Ann (who was visiting CFCA from New Mexico) a 64 year old stroke survivor that has left her right side paralyzed, did the 500m row with one arm in 3:05. An amazing display of heart and will despite a disability that most would use as a crutch.  Kind of had a take a moment after witnessing that. Probably the most inspired Ive been in a long time.
2016 Update: Maz and the thought of having three boys to run around and have adventures with as a family is basically my current inspiration… And kind of along the lines of what Karen said. As I have gotten older and become a father, my perspective on life has shifted quite a bit from being young and myopic with something to prove to more about enjoying the moments and people that are in my life currently. I think my goals have shifted from trying to be a better athlete to enjoying, maintaining and growing the abilities that I do have….and really beyond that sharing the things I’m passionate about with our community.

Name one goal/personal achievement that you would like to achieve through Crossfit. 

Jon: I’m pretty stoked on the iron cross now. But in a more general way I’d like to be more self-sufficient through the mental/physical strength and confidence I get from completing grueling CF WODs.
2012 Update: 100+ pound TGU and run the Presidential Range in one effort.
2016 Update: Versatility & Longevity! To able to be really active long term at as a high level as is possible without injury or burnout. Also, Trying to simplify, slow down and be more patient has been a huge focus for me over the last year or so. Not sure if crossfit will help with that but I hope so.

Karen: Like I said, juicy glutes of steel. And being prepared for anything life throws at me. Oh, and I want to do a free standing, handstand push-up one day.
2012 Update:
The free standing handstand push up is… in the works. Pipe dream? Maybe, lofty for sure. In the meantime, I’d like to just get a handstand pushup against the wall with no pad, CF Total over 600, and have a nice solid air squat.
2016 Update: Ok, I’ve been through some goals that I didn’t even come close to (a split? who was I kidding) haha BUT… I would like to do some handstand walking still. I’ve wanted to do that since I was 6 years old probably and I had a good friend who could walk up and down stairs! The coolest :)

Hobbies/Interests outside of Crossfit?

Jon: Surfing, Cold Cuts, Trail Running,  I’m trying to force stretching as one of my interests… so far it hasn’t quite captured my interest enough.
2016 Update: Family time is a biggie now, climbing, riding bikes. Four years later I’m still working on the stretching part but now it really seems that it id a high priority.

Karen: Surfing, Crafting, Snacking, Puppytime.
2016 Update: Pretty much the same although with this belly I’d say ‘snacking’ has taken the lead on my interests :) Oh and also you can say raising Maz is my main interest outside of CF currently too :) I do really look forward to making more time for art and getting back to surfing & climbing in a few months !

What is your favorite cheat meal?

Jon: Crazy Egg Noodle with no Shrimp Extra Spicy at Thai Choice…That Cuban at Willow Rest is a close second though.
2012 Cravings Update: Burrito Bowl from Chipotle with pork, chicken, rice, veggies, guac and black  beans.
2016 Update: Chick Fil-A

Karen: Currently I’m a big fan of blueberry pancakes, or a blueberry muffin grilled with butter. Or some LBDM ice cream… I get chocolate with Snickers AND Baby Ruth on top, sad but true. Or bagels… why do they have to be non paleo too?!
2012 Cravings Update: I’ve moved onto the hot fudge sundaes from LBDM with Reese’s Pieces, fish tacos from the Happy Taco… and green tea latte’s. Mmmm
2016 Update: Nailed it Jon… Chick Fil-A ! mmmm! These days I don’t consider some of the items ‘cheat meals’ anymore… just treats :)

Any advice for new members?

Jon: Be honest with where you are at, be consistent with your attendance, listen to the coaches and the rest will fall into place. Focus on form first then weight and then and only then on the time.

Karen: Remember to set goals and journal. If you do, and continue to work hard, I can promise you that you’ll achieve your goals and it’ll be awesome. Oh, and remember to have fun, fight to keep trying your hardest even when you want to quit (and remind me of that too!), you’ll always be able to be proud of yourself if you do.

Have you met Pukie?
Jon: Twice, once during an ill timed burpee – wallball – double under WOD after a large hot chai and a ham & cheese croissant . The other time was after “fran” which was actually a relief cause I thought I was going to sh*t myself on the set of 15 pull-ups.  Happy I didn’t!
2012 Update: I think a few more times.  I forget.
2016 Update: Not Lately!

Karen: Not yet. That day won’t be that cool.
2012 Update:
Came dangerously close recently. Remind me no more green tea lattes before a WOD, ever.
2016 Update: No way jose. I’m not a puker!  I refuse sir!

How did you meet?

Karen: Jon was riding a white horse shirtless on a beach in Hawaii…

Jon: Karen was the doubles tennis partner of one of my high school friends that went to Colorado College. She was always like “you have to meet Karen… you’ll love her” Karen had a boyfriend who moved to Colorado to be with her so I waited patiently sobbing and lonely for 2 years until they broke up. Karen saw me at a party the last night of school our sophomore year and told me we should “hang out” next year. I played it cool…don’t worry, but inside I was lighting up. Probably the most excited I ever was for summer to end.  Been together ever since 1998.

How did you pop the question?

Karen: I didn’t so toots why don’t you answer that one…

Jon: I asked her at Brace Cove on a stormy New England day.  I had a jeweler friend of mine from high school make her ring with silver and blue sea glass cause always said she wasn’t a  “diamond girl”. I was pretty nervous and I don’t remember getting down on one knee… I think I showed her the ring and said “I want to give this to you”  It was kind of a blur.

Who does the cooking at home?

Karen: I usually do. Some days it goes better than others. Time is usually the factor in how good things turn out. I was on a roll there for a while in the winter when I felt like I had nothing to do by try new Paleo recipes.
2012 Update:
Thank god for the Crockpot.
2016 Update: Well, there’s quite a bit of take out here and there but I do love cooking and just got a new InstantPot – so far so good on that front! Have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot more cooking when these twins come along.

Jon: Karen definitely cooks the majority of the time. On the other hand I would say I’m Mr. Mom with the dogs and keeping the house tidy.  Luckily, I have mild OCD in that I feel like I can’t do anything until the house is clean.

Where is the most exciting place you have traveled?

Karen: Alaska, in a VW van with a friend and her dog. Hoping to go back next year with Jon.
2016 Update: … and by next year, I mean in the next 10 years :) Step one is complete though – we bought another VW van to drive there in! Woot woot!

Jon: My mom was a travel agent so we did travel a lot growing up. Europe, Africa twice (Zimbabwe & Gambia) Chile, Argentina, All around the States, West Coast, Skiing in Colorado & British Columbia, with lots of winter trips to the Virgin Islands. I was pretty lucky!

Traveling with Karen though has been the best. We traveled a lot to California & Baja, Mexico to surf and climb when I had an F-150 in College. During senior year, Karen got a VW van and we took it on its first trip to Moab. It broke down in Glenwood Springs.

Post College travel has been more limited. Costa Rica, Mexcio with friends. We did take a month to do a winter road trip for our honeymoon in 2007. We drove our Dodge cargo van from Gloucester to South Carolina… then west to San Diego… North to San Fransisco and home from there. That was a great trip cause we had our dog and all our climbing and surfing gear. I like to have the flexibility when I travel to go explore whatever, whenever.

What’s your favorite benchmark workout & why?

Karen: I still have a hard time using the terms ‘workout’ and ‘favorite’ in a sentence together…
2012 Update: Feeling better about using those two words together these days, and I’ve come to terms with my namesake and actually like the challenge of ‘Karen’ now. Sure I can’t walk a couple days later, but who can? Mike Evans, that’s who. Punk!
2016 Update: I think my favorite benchmarks are the 1Rep Max Pullup & Oly lift days, 500m row… hmmm I’m sure there’s more. The key for me is to have been super consistent before I go for it on any benchmark because then it doesn’t kill me – it just feels like a culmination of all the hard work I’ve been putting in. Since I haven’t been pushing myself very hard and pregnant or fairly inconsistent the last couple years it will be an uphill road to hitting some of these benchmarks hard again in the future – but I still look forward to it!

Jon: like I  said…”Kelly” or “Eva” even 5k rows are good.
2012 Update: I’m liking some of the team efforts like “tailpipe” and that “hells bells” I came up with is pretty cool in a mental test type of way.
2016 Update: Jeez, that’s a tough one. Maybe Bear Complex from a coaching perspective or the the 12 Min Deadhang Pull-up/ 200m Run. That’s a good overall fitness test in my opinion.

Boxers or briefs?

Jon: I wear surf shorts pretty much everyday. I try to avoid briefs. My high school girlfriend got me into black CK boxer briefs mainly because she liked the way Marky Mark looked in them. I found them to be too hot! Temperature wise…not that I looked too Hot in them!

Karen: Do I get to answer this? Snug huggers.

Fold or crumple?

Karen: wait, what are we talking about here exactly?

Jon: Crumple my toilet paper.

Have you ever dreamed of being a Ninja?

Jon: No need to dream! Yes when I was a little tyke, I had a camo ninja suit that I ordered from Asian World of Martial Arts (AWMA) with tabi boots (precursor to Vibram five fingers) and wooden bokens. (swords)  My best friend Rob had the same suit with a few throwing stars and bear claws for climbing trees.(which don’t work by the way)  We used to hang out in the woods behind our houses and do things that ninjas chucking throwing stars at trees.

Karen: Yes, but not just any ninja, Bruce Lee please.

How do you guys keep Xfit fresh?

Karen: Well, we both have visual ADD or something like that so we’re constantly wanting to add / change / do something to the space. As far as the programming / events and such, just thinking about what we want to do and making it fun for ourselves keeps things fresh for everyone.
2016 Update: Pretty much the same, with little one (and ones coming) it’s hard to stay on top of all the stuff I’d like to do in the space but thankfully someone on team Conant decides they’ve had enough with something and changes things up (usually Jon). We also have an amazing coaching crew that helps to keep us up on feedback and just their friendly faces vs. seeing Jon or I’s mug all day everyday keeps it super fresh! ha

Jon: I guess just brainstorming ideas and getting feedback from members and Karen (who usually puts the kibosh on some cause I’m really impatient) I do check out what other CF gyms are doing but CFCA definitely has its own flavor so I try to tweak things to make them as inclusive and fun as possible.
2016 Update: This has definitely been challenging as our family has grown, priorities shift and work time gets cut back pretty drastically. I think looking forward, I really do want to ramp up outside the gym activities as summer is coming up because we have access to so many cool things on Cape Ann. Regular trail runs/ rides, surfing & sport nights as a community, climbing outside etc. Overall just offering more options than just Crossfit class and getting more of our members doing cool active stuff outside of the gym!

Has Crossfit been as big in Cape Ann as you thought?

Karen: Its been great. I can’t even express how much I’m loving all the people who have walked through our doors.
2012 Update: Much bigger than I thought. I couldn’t have imagined the day when we’d have 150 members, and now it’s a reality. I’ve met some of the most amazing and cool people thanks to CFCA and am so thankful for the opportunities/ friendships it has fostered for myself and others. Dory travels in Nova Scotia… seine boat racing during Fiesta… what’s next?
2016 Update: Whew! A lot can happen in 4 years geez! I think at this point Crossfit is a word almost everyone has at least heard once. So yes, it’s definitely gotten around Cape Ann for good or bad (wait, have you actually come in and tried it yourself?). CFCA is still going strong and we’re always working hard to keep folks feeling welcome to come join us. We’ve had a ton of folks come in our doors over the years, some stay and some have gone, but I know I’ve enjoyed getting to know all of them. CF definitely brings in some interesting folks!! I love it. Oh and one cool thing that’s come of Crossfit getting so big nationally, and internationally, is each summer more and more Crossfitters visit us from other gyms when on vacation in the area. So that’s been fun!

Jon: I wasn’t sure how it was going to go.  Had a few people telling me not to open..that there were already a bunch of gyms on Cape Ann.  But CFCA isn’t really even a gym. It’s a community clubhouse where it just so happens that you get way fitter quicker than anywhere else. You can’t compare it to other places.  Like Karen said…I’m really overwhelmed with how amazing the community is and how fast it has been growing.  I might even shed a tear when we have our 1 year party. I appreciate you guys supporting CFCA. So much!
2012 Update: Yeah like Karen said again, I never had expectations but if I did I think CFCA has surpassed them.  So excited for the new space!
2016 Update: Pretty much what Karen said. Crossfit has definitely exploded worldwide and it seems as everyone has some opinion about it in some way, shape or form. As that has happened it has certainly been tricky for us with trying to differentiate CFCA from the other CF gyms and boom of crossfit as sport. We are a lifestyle affiliate. We are not the most hardcore CF gym and that is by design. The thought of being the most “bad-ass”gym wasn’t really ever on our radar and obviously even less so now. Our goal at CFCA is to develop versatility & durability in our members and focus on sustainable training in a way we feel has the best carryover to our member’s lives outside of the gym. All the while creating a positive and inclusive community and social outlet! If we are doing that we are on the right path.

Where do you see the gym in a year from now?

Karen: I see our community even stronger both physically and mentally. I see CFCA more organized and ‘so hot right now’ – maybe ready for a bigger space?
2012 Update: The bigger space is happening, can’t hardly wait! People are getting SO strong and fast, I’m excited to see people get their unassisted pull-ups and muscle ups and then dominating life outside of the gym.
2016 Update: You know… my brain cells are all being diverted to preparing for lots of baby puke and the serious business of establishing toddler independence so I haven’t given too much thought too far down the road :) I love attending the gym and being surrounded by all these folks so selfishly I just want everyone to stay put for a while until I can get back in there and push myself with them! In general though, I’d love to just keep building on the strong foundation of incredibly inspiring members we have and helping more and more folks from the community feel capable and strong in whatever their life demands of them. Also, I love the idea of getting the climbing wall going strong and having opportunities for kids in the area to be exposed to an alternative sport that could turn into a lifelong passion!

Jon: Pretty much what Karen said. Bigger, Stronger, Tighter.  In another year, coaches will be that much more knowledgeable and you guys will be SOOO much stronger…the sky is the limit…I see lots of women doing pull-ups!
2012 Update: In a year from now?  Obviously enjoying the freedom of the new space with lots of O lifts, 20 ft rope climbs, open gyms, etc….getting even tighter as a community and meeting more great folks.
2016 Update: Like I mentioned, more offerings for structured outside the gym activities like climbing (& kids climbing), paddling, trail running/riding etc in addition to our normal classes. Just regularly giving folks access to activities that they may not have either the confidence, knowledge or equipment to try on their own.
Beyond that… just growing as an amazing community, developing deeper relationships with our members and creating greater communication between us coaches to help everyone get the most out of their experience at CFCA.  Crazy long term big ideas would be to maybe have a CFCA kids camp eventually and a CFCA passenger van to use for weekend adventures. For me personally, taking CFCA to the next means I need to chill out with being a control freak and readily accept help to make these bigger goals come to fruition. This will be important especially as the twins come!

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