Back with another rant for Friday.  It’s been a few busy weeks, but with the August Newsletter set to drop next Friday, I figured I should hash out some thoughts.  As most of you know, Eric, Ross and I paddled the Blackburn Challenge last Saturday on prone paddle boards.  That’s over 20 miles that we paddled with our bare hands… Roughly 5  to 7 hours of nipple rashing, neck kinking fun!  Honestly, it was one of the hardest things I have done in a while.  Someone asked me if it was harder than running the marathon without training and I gotta say that YES it was.

The thing about me and my physical/mental pursuits is…I’m obsessed with efficiency, control and flow.  I like to find that zone where everything is going amazing, you feel strong and things are happening effortlessly. Maybe effortlessly is the wrong word  in terms of Crossfit… but  in general things are not as bad as you thought they would be.  I like the feeling of moving gracefully fast and efficient over  varying terrain. That terrain could be anything from trail runs, waves, boulders, skate ramps etc.  Pretty much everything I do, I try to make it flow efficiently.

So that leads me back to the Blackburn…  I think the reason why I felt it was so hard was because of the variables that I have no control over. The most obvious was the the ocean surface.  Paddling through chop is slow going and the fact that you know how much faster you could be moving wasn’t easy for me to deal with. It’s
kind of like running or even walking in deep sand. Its hard, it sucks and you aren’t going anywhere very fast.  All the effort you are putting in is getting dissipated. The  transfer of paddling to forward progress is at an all time low. Not Fun!

In contrast, last summer I was lucky enough to spend a hot Ohio afternoon at the water park in Cedar Point.   I logged in a few hours banking hard turns and swooshing my way through the water slides.   I would secretly race other kids down to the splash pool and I was dominating every run. Trying to limit surface contact and drag, I was holding my body super rigid and I attacked the turns like I was an Olympic luger.  Most kids were  flopping around all loose in the slide but not me.  I secretly hoped the spectators waiting in line above me we’re enjoying my skills as I gracefully, red lined my body through the vortex of turns.  I was in the zone and feeling the flow.

So how does this apply to Crossfit? or does it at all?  I guess I would say to strive to make your movements as efficient as possible.  Push yourself to new levels but always think about how you can best transfer your efforts through efficient movements.  Don’t hesitate to ask the coaches about your form and listen when we tell you to make adjustments.  Practice, practice practice…and you’ll end up spending less time on WODs (except Amraps) which I think we all want to do.

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