Mini Friday News-Letter

Just a couple of quick things to keep you guys up to date on. rather than send out a whole email I thought i would let you know here…

*Parking at 7 Parker St. is getting tight when demand for Crossfit, Yoga and Marine Supplies overlap. 9am seems to be the worst time overall as well as during Saturday team workouts.  The 2 areas to avoid parking are in front of my landlords marine supply shop (during his open business hours) or in the parking lot to the left of CFCA (the Wholefoods lot).  That being said, anything on the street is fair game – as well as in the lot to the right of the building. My landlord owns 17 spaces in that lot so try to park on the side closest to the building. Also, you can park along side the left side of the building going towards the back dock. No problem there.

*Coco Water & Coffee-
Most of you know that we have Coco Water in the fridge. These are available to purchase by the case (monthly pre -order) and in single servings.  We are running on the honor system. If you have money, get your change from the jar by the fridge.  If you don’t have money, write your name on the post- it note and what you took and we will bill your card on file at the end of the month. Also, we just ordered a Keurig coffee machine so look for post WOD coffee available in the coming weeks!

*The Big Chill-
A friend of Paula & Pat has given the gym a meat freezer that she was no longer using! Remember the talk of buying a grass fed cow and dividing up the cuts? Now we can make that a reality.  If you are interested let Karen know and we can look into the whole process.  Might be better for a wintertime thing.

Treetop has extended a discount for Crossfiters where you are paying $10 per class.  If you want to take advantage of this let me know and I will give you a verification card that proves that you are a member of Crossfit.  I’m trying to get up there once or twice a week cause flexibility is an important tool to have in your arsenal as an athlete. We have schedules and class descriptions at the gym.

*CPR- In honor of Crossfit’s ode to be prepared for the unknown and the unknowable, we thought it might be good to consider offering CPR training for gym members. One of our members, Rich, is on the board of the Red Cross of the Northeast and asked them about doing a CPR course directly in the gym.  The cost would be $65 per person. The course is 2.25 hours in length. 8 minimum in the class and two week notice required. Attendees would get a Red Cross certification. Let us know if this is of interest for you and maybe we can get something scheduled for the fall.

*Membership Policy Tweaks-
A few of you have expressed interest in bumping up your memberships or changing commitment levels, so we thought this is a good time to lay out some of the CFCA policies.

>A member can put his/her account on hold/freeze once during his/her commitment for anytime up to 3 months. We must be notified before the first of the month.  A $20 freeze fee will be charged to the account. Billing will resume after the desired hold time has transpired and the hold time will be extended to your membership commitment.  Example:  I have a 6 month membership June 1st-December 31st. I need to freeze my account in August for a month. I pay $20 freeze fee and my commitment is extended to January 31st.

>A member can cancel @ anytime prior to the end of their commitment.  They will get billed the difference in rates. So If I have a 6 month commitment @$100/month but decide that CF is just too damn hard after 4 months, my account will be billed the difference in rates from a 3 month commitment for 4 months… $20 x 4= $80.  Excluded from the charge are those who have an injury that keeps them from CFCA or those that are relocating more that 50 miles away from their current address.

>A member can upgrade/ downgrade at anytime between 2x/ 3x and unlimited.

> A member can increase his/her commitment term from 3 to 6 or 12 months at anytime. The new rate will be applied at the 1st of the month. Likewise a member can decrease his commitment, but will be charged the difference in rates for prior months.

Pretty straight forward, but if you have any further questions or want a copy of your original paperwork please contact Karen at Thanks again for being a part of the CFCA community!

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