July Newsletter.. no rant this week..

hey there Crossfitters…
A quick note to keep you guys up to date on the latest at CFCA in and out of the gym.

 Schedule Changes! 
After a long time pondering the schedule we have made the changes that we feel best reflect our members needs. Below is a rundown of the changes/additions we made…
• 7am classes are moving up a ½ hour to start at 6:30 a.m and running them 5 days a week 
• We’ve added an 8am class 5 days a week. This will be great for 9am yogis as Treetop has a 9am class daily right upstairs.
• Tuesday 6pm and Thursdays at 6:30am will be Strength class*
• Thursday 6:30pm we will be having a Sport class** 
• Saturday team workouts will be bumped up to 8 am as well so people can get on with their weekend plans.

The full schedule changes will go into effect on Tuesday July 5th. But please note changes on the left for the 4th weekend schedule!

*Strength Class: The idea behind the new ‘Strength’ class is to give people time to put a bit more focus on gaining strength. Usually in our weekly programming we see one heavy strength lift and a few gymnastic strength skills (weighted pull-ups for example) per week in addition to our daily WODs. The new Strength classes will give folks the chance to spend a little more time on getting stronger. You will have the chance to probably cycle through 2-3 lifts per class with a few gymnastic elements as well. I’m going to set people up with the Wendler program which is straight forward and easy to use. This will be be a highly structured class where you will know exactly what you are doing in terms of reps and weight. No guesswork! The primary lifts are deadlift, press, and back/front squat but you we might also add movements such as overhead squats power cleans, turkish get ups, pull-ups etc.. to the mix if you wanted to do both days. It should be also noted that these classes shouldn’t be a substitute for normal CF classes, if anything they should be in addition to your normal CrossFit schedule… meaning you could do the normal CF classes M, W, F , S with strength on Tues or Thurs or both. If you need to upgrade your membership just let us know and we can take care of it.

**Sport Class  The ‘Sport’ class is a chance to mix up our normal Crossfit routine. This could be anything from a benchmark/hero workout to a team style effort, going for a paddle together or trail run. We’ll be posting what the ‘sport’ will be at the beginning of the week, and keep in mind it will only count as one of your classes for the week if our activity takes place inside the gym.

  Treetop Yoga opens July 1st 
As we mentioned earlier, we’re really excited to have new neighbors upstairs. Treetop Yoga will be up and running as of this friday (July 1st) in the space right above us! We have worked with them to create a couple options for yoga interested crossfiters. If you are a active member of CFCA you have a few options for adding yoga into your routine.
1. Members can upgrade their current CFCA membership to include 1 day of yoga a week for an additional $40.
2. Active CFCA members can purchase a 10 card pass to Treetop Yoga for $100.
3. Active CFCA members can buy an unlimited month of yoga for just $120.
There are so many good reasons to include yoga into your routine, remember the 10 fitness domains we crossfitters are working to improve on!

 Paleo Awards Potluck – 7/8/11 
Yes, the time has arrived. Our second ‘Paleo Awards Night Potluck’ is scheduled for next friday, July 8th, at 7:30pm. Whether you participated  in the challenge or not you’re invited to join us for a night of oos and ahs as we reveal the before & after photos of all our Paleo folks. For those of you in the challenge, we need to get your pictures and measurements before that so depending if the 4th weekend is a total dietary blowout, you may want to get on it before friday. Otherwise, if you are the pillar of self control, we can get them tuesday or wed. Please bring your favorite paleo (or non paleo) dish and something to drink. Should be good times (oh ya, and someone’s winning a bunch of cash!). We may have a movie to watch as well if there’s time. **If you can’t make the Paleo Awards night and want to submit your vote for our challenge winner, give us a heads up and we’ll talk to you about options for viewing the participants stats/photos**

That’s it for now. Hope everyone is feeling good. Thanks as always for being a part of the CFCA community. See you soon!

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