CrossFit = Humble Pie

  From the outside looking in…I can absolutely see how non -crossfitters would be intimidated to step through our door.  I pretty much hear it all the time…”I need to get in shape before I can come here”…Even my own mom uses this line whenever I ask her about when she’s going to show up.  My Mom by the way “works out” quite a bit and leads a fairly active life.  Most might say that she’s in “good shape” whatever that means.  How is she going to get into better shape so she can join us at crossFit? … More intervals on the eliptical machine that the MAC  trainer set her up to do EVERY day she goes there? ..ummm probably not!  That may work if we did eliptical intervals everyday but fortunately we change up the workouts on a daily basis. Remember that bit about constantly varied, functional movement…..the eliptical is not functional and doing it daily is not varied.  Routine is the Enemy!

Here’s the thing….the only way to prepare for Crossfit is Crossfit.  I Think my mom realizes this now cause I always tell her “don’t waste your time getting “in shape” because it’s not going to prepare you for our classes” And it’s true.  Crossfit serves up a whopping piece of humble pie daily. Depending on how you look at it that may come as a welcome challenge from your monotonous health club routine or it may be down right scary.

  As a result, it forces our members to take an honest hard look at where they are right now in terms of their fitness…then they can focus on how they can get better.  Taking that honest hard look and putting yourself out there is not easy.  It takes conviction and the ability to overcome a bit of discomfort for the greater good of your health.  There’s no sugar coating it really. The workouts are hard but usually short in duration.  We don’t watch tv’s, read magazines, or socialize when we are in the middle of our workouts.. It’s kind of an unwritten rule that if you can hear the music and recognize the song your not working hard enough.  Or if your not completely in the present and thinking only about your next couple reps… you may not be working hard enough again.  Whats that phrase “keep hitting me in the head, cause when you stop it feels so good”  That’s pretty much Crossfit!  When you finish a wod that you have given your all…the feeling is indescribable.

  I’ve come to love that feeling so much that I want to put in the hard work to get it. What’s better is when you have a class full of folks that get it with you.  I jumped in on the Friday 7am class and after that brutal KB swing/ KB push press workout, we were all just relaxing outside and enjoying the post WOD bliss.  What a great feeling especially when you share it with others who know what you just feel like you have done battle together and that feeling is so much better and more motivating than any anonymous gym routine.

  But now back to that Humble Pie bit…. It seems that on the whole the general public hasn’t quite acquired the taste for it yet.  Guys especially have a pretty hard aversion to anything that may make them look bad so they naturally just keep doing what makes them look good or at least what doesn’t draw attention to their weaknesses.  And this is exactly why you don’t see knucklehead-ed ego maniacs lining up at the door of CFCA.  That’s the genius of it really…that’s why our community is so rad. Normal, mature people getting together to battle workouts and weaknesses in a fun and stimulating environment.  That’s CFCA.

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