Confessions of a CF gym owner

Whenever I take life a little too seriously…Tonan always brings me back to the basics…FUN AND PROGRESSION! So Mikey Myers asked me the other day “what are you training for?”….UM… Sometimes I’m not that quick on my feet…or in my brain and I really didn’t have an answer to knock his socks off.  I think I mumbled something about running the Presidential Range in the White Mountains of New Hampshire (21 miles) and running the Grand Canyon rim to rim.. which I think is a similar distance..or doing the Blackburn Challenge on my paddleboard.  (which I just signed up for- thanks Mikey for putting the fire under my ass). Anyway Mikey got me thinking about why I do Crossfit and what’s my motivation and my ultimate goals.  With the Crossfit Regionals coming up next weekend, I thought it would be a good time to kind of give you guys a better idea of where I’m coming from and consequently the priorities I have set for the gym.  It’s probably no secret to most of you that I’m not super stoked on the competitive side of CF.  I think fundamentally we need to put much more emphasis on personal progression rather than outdoing your workout buddy.  If it makes you work harder in the middle of a WOD than I’m all for it.. But ultimately,  I just want you guys to focus on outdoing yourself.  The past couple of weeks I’ve been doing a few of the workouts twice in one day.  I wouldn’t recommend this as a regular practice but it has been really fun to do the wod in the morning and try to beat the time in the afternoon.  That’s a really big motivator for me and gives me a chance to push myself a bit further than I thought I could go. The focus is really on bettering my time not “his/her time”.  You get to do this over time with the benchmarks,  but you should still set a goal for each daily WOD to try and finish by x time or get x rounds.  If you need help with this let me know.  That leads me to Regionals and the Games.  I think the games are pretty cool as a spectacle and a motivator but I really have no interest in doing them. My overall goals with crossfit are not competitive.  I see crossfit as training, not really as the sport of fitness.  My goals are much more health related and in general to make things that are seemingly really hard..less hard or even easy.  I want to utilize crossfit to make my life better…to not only make me a more versatile athlete, but also  to make me a versatile human being.  I want to accomplish tasks like running the grand canyon or paddling the blackburn without putting in a whole shit ton of specified training.  Does that Make sense?  I want to be able to dream up something and go do it.  I want that freedom and confidence that comes with being able to accomplish something that is brutally hard and walk away thinking that wasn’t that bad.  Crossfit allows people to do this and that’s what motivates me.  I hear it a lot.. and it fires me up way more that you guys hitting pr’s..(those still fire me up).  But for example.. Kevin just came  back from doing a 10k at altitude in Boulder, Colorado and said he felt he wanted to keep running. Jon K was helping his dad put an air conditioner in and said it felt way lighter than last year..Rad!  With that increase in strength, conditioning & mobility comes an increase in freedom to do what it is that you want to do…and that’s what makes Crossfit Amazing! Period.  So dream it up and utilize your training at CFCA to make it happen!  And when your done you can say “how free am I?”  and I will give you a high five…

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