May Newsletter!

Hey Guys May CFCA Newsletter here . . . Giddy Up!

 Hope this email finds you feeling strong. The weather has finally turned and it won’t be long till we are taking our team workouts outside to the beach or Magnolia Fields.  Anyway I have some news to share so let me start with the most pressing.

* Schedule Changes

  These schedule changes have been in the works for a while and will go into effect Monday May 2nd. The main difference is that the 7am morning class will be switching to Monday, Wednesday & Friday.  Also evening classes will be running on the hour 5pm, 6pm & 7pm with the exception that Friday evening will only have a 5:30pm class.  We are discontinuing scheduled  Thursday open gym and yoga as we are hoping to do some cross promotion with Treetop Yoga in the near future.

 Along with the increase in classes comes the increase in Trainers. You will likely see Karen, Allie & Scott starting to help cover a few classes a week in the future. I’m really excited to have them on board.  Speaking of Allie, she is our Member/ Trainer Profile for the month of May. Check out what she has to say here…

 *General News

  April was another good month with lots of PR’s. We re-tested the baseline workout for the bulk of our original members and saw some amazing increases in work capacity. Some folks were able to take 2 minutes off their previous time and do the workout with less modifications. Taking 2 minutes off a 7 minute workout is huge. Other memorable efforts were Ross’ doing 85 consecutive push-ups, Karen stringing together 20 kipping pull-ups and Jenny doing a 43in box jump! I managed to overtake Meg’s 102 double under record by doing 116 and was also able to break my 500 meter row time that I was stuck at for almost 2 years. Progress feels good!..and setting and testing goals no matter how small is an important aspect of keeping you on track to better your fitness and yourself.

 *Paleo / CrossFit Challenge

 In the words of Borat, our last paleo challenge can best be described as “Great Success”.   So we are doing it again. The next Challenge  begins Monday evening May 9th will run through the end of June.  We’ll get you ship shape just in time to strut your stuff down Good Harbor or at the July 4th BBQ.  This time around Participants must buy in for $20. The winner will get the whole pot!  Just think if we have 20 participants that’s $400…not chump change!

  The rules are simple. You eat paleolithic with limited or no cheats for the entire 7 weeks. You must have either Karen or I do the weigh in/waist measure and take your before photos prior to the 9th. (We won’t share these photos, I promise.. so don’t be shy). Likewise, at the conclusion of the challenge we will take comparison measurements and photos.   There will be an awards ceremony, potluck dinner & movie night (participants are encouraged to bring their favorite paleo food, or favorite non paleo craving!) at the end of the 7 weeks. Winners will be based on a criteria of weight loss, gain in muscle mass and overall change in appearance. So get in on this cause it was both a lot of fun and much easier to handle when you know that everyone else is battling too. We will discuss more in the coming week and we may have a guest speaker come to help us kick things off and answer questions…if he comes through it will be a huge treat as he is on the cutting edge of nutrition. 

 *BookWorms Unite!

 In other big news we are starting the Mandlebaum Memorial Library at the gym. We acquired a bunch of books on the topics of performance, nutrition and inspiration that we want to share. There will be a sign up sheet at the gym and members are allowed to take one book out for 2 weeks. Late payments will be made in the form of burpees. (10 x the # off days late) We are excited about this! If you have any books you want to donate to the cause we would love to have them.

 That being said…there is one book that I would encourage you guys to buy because it is a great read and really in line with CFCA on the topics of nutrition, exercise and not losing site of the bigger picture that life should be fun too!  That book would be Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint. I can’t recommend it enough! 

 *Other Events/ News of interest

 The Warrior Dash is still coming up in late June and I thought it would be fun to run it as a team. Registration ends May 29th so if you are interested let me know and we can discuss. I believe this is the weekend of fiesta so depending how you look at it, that may be a good or bad thing in your decision to do the dash.  Or maybe you’ll get your own warrior dash on at Fiesta as you run to escape a mob of intoxicated, belligerent folks in the fort.  Either way put your CrossFit skills to the test.

Ladies… Tank Tops are IN!  Karen ordered two colors (teal & black) and they came out great. Stop by the gym if you want one. $20. Look for more CFCA gear soon as we are planning to do a run of front zip hoodies and trucker hats in the summer. Cause boys need to look good too!  

 Other gear that may be in the works are these sandbag rucksacks that Jenny made. We may eventually have a fleet of them so you guys can tote along 45 pounds of sand on your runs during the team workouts. So be sure to thank Jenny for the idea when you see her. HA! But seriously this thing is sweet and gives me lots of ideas. Check out Jenny’s company Second Wind Sails.  She makes some amazing bags!

Finally….in an ode to our amazing members we are implementing the “Strength in Numbers” initiative starting May 1st. See, we love you guys and there is no doubt that we have the best gym community on Cape Ann. Karen and I figure that if we love you so much that we may like your friends too.  So..if you have a friend that you refer to CFCA, and that friend becomes a member (6 or 12 month commitment) you will get comped ½ your membership fees for the following month. Just a little way for us to say thank you for being a part of CFCA!  

 See you in the Gym!

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