Paleo Challenge starts Jan 10th

Paleo Challenge... We are going to start the CFCA Paleo Challenge next Monday January 10th and run it through the end of February.  Diana Rodgers, a fellow crossfitter and certified nutritionalist will be coming to the gym at 7pm Wednesday evening January 5th to speak about the benefits of a paleolithic diet, a general overview, what to expect and any tips that might make us more successful.

The rules are simple. You must attend the weigh in/waist measure and have a before and after photo taken to participate. (I won’t share these photos, I promise) You must log all of your food intake for the entire 7 weeks. There will be an award ceremony and potluck dinner (participants are encouraged to bring their favorite paleo food, or favorite non paleo craving!) at the end of the 7 weeks. Winners will be based on a criteria of weight loss, gain in muscle mass and overall change in appearance. First place prize will be a free Unlimited Months membership to the gym. We are still deciding prizes for 2nd and 3rd. So here are the basic food guidelines…

Eat NONE of the following: Grains – including bread, pasta, noodles, beans, potatoes, dairy, sugar, and salt.

Eat ALL of the following: Meat, chicken and fish, eggs, fruit, vegetables – including lots of avocado, nuts (excluding peanuts or cashews), spices… lots of spices, and berries – they deserve a category all their own.

Keep in mind eating Paleo will lean you out on its own, but Paleo with consistent CrossFit is where the magic happens. We will post Paleo recipes on the blog with the daily wod to keep you sane… do your best to avoid temptation and let’s support one another! For more information on eating Paleo visit

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