Turkey Team Workout

Team workout days are my favorite because you get that amazing camaraderie between teammates and even opposing teams. This morning Team Spatula took on Team Gravy Train in an attempt to win the bragging rights at the Thanksgiving Table!  Each team had 4 athletes and we had 4 stations…400 meter row, max rep wallballs, max rep box jumps and max rep kettlebell swings.  The person rowing set the time by the pace of their 400 meter. The other team members did the the max reps of their exercises while the rower rowed. Once the rower finishes 400 we switched stations…and we did this for 30 minutes. The Team with the most reps wins.  It was a great burner.. In the end, Team Gravy Train edged out Team Spatula for the win. 1584 to 1514  Great Job everyone.  See you tomorrow.

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