Coach Jon Profile

Age: 39

Profile:  Self motivated. I would define my current fitness plan as opportunistic. In the past, I have had a history of finding something, pursuing it hard only to run it into the ground and eventually burn out. Now, I’m trying to find a balance between everything I enjoy and purifying my motivating factors for doing so. I find that being intuitive to how I feel and what I feel like doing on any particular day is the way to go for me. Part of that is because in New England, you need to take advantage of good weather and get those outside of the gym activities when the conditions present themselves. But also, now that I am a dad of 3, planning my training is not really all that possible. When I try to schedule things and fail to follow through due to life circumstances it equates to stress. I prefer not to set expectations and find I always perform better when I seize the moment when it feels right to do a particular task. In the gym goals are increasing overall strength to weight ratio, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility  to help with performance of activities I enjoy outside of CF (climbing, surfing, riding bikes).

Athletic background: Pretty much played everything as a kid. Soccer tryouts in grade school made it apparent that I could run faster/longer than my peers so I checked out cross-country when I got to high school. Coincidentally, the cross-country running coach was also the Nordic ski coach and he pretty much hi-jacked my plans to be an alpine skier and convinced me to join the Nordic squad. I did pretty well with both sports getting to a national level but was pretty burned out after 4 years and was starting to suffer from overuse injuries. College in Colorado meant much trail running and climbing. The last 10 years has been more about climbing, surfing, trail running and crossfit and trying to find a healthy balance without overdoing it.

How long have you been Crossfitting?  since early 2008ish

How did I find Crossfit?  I found Crossfit through a few climbers who were doing Mark Twight’s programming at Gym Jones. Someone tipped me off that Gym Jones was a hybrid of Crossfit and to check CF out. So I did. I started doing the WODs as best I could in the basement of the Cape Ann YMCA. (before they turned it into a spin room)  I wasn’t really doing the gym thing ever before. Prior to CF, we had just moved back to Gloucester from Rhode Island and I was getting intentionally lost in Dogtown trying to learn all the trails. Besides that I was climbing and surfing a lot.

Favorite Exercise/Workouts: Turkish Get Ups..but really my true love is being able to move outside of the gym be it on a trail run with the dogs or surfing & climbing with my wife Karen.Gym training supports those endeavors for me and is not an end in itself.

How has Crossfit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness? I’m much stronger/durable and much more versatile.

What motivates/inspires you?  Watching people who make hard things look easy. Also, People pushing the standards of their sports without much fanfare…Chris Sharma, Alex Honnold, Mark Healy, my wife Karen come to mind. Work Hard/Stay Humble! Also progression of CFCA members and seeing their faces light up when they do something they thought they couldn’t. That’s cool!

Hobbies/Interests outside of Crossfit?
Surfing, Sculpture, Trail Running with dogs, Climbing, Big Boy BMX, Time with my family & friends.  I’m trying to force stretching as one of my interests… so far it hasn’t quite captured my attention enough.

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