Who We Are

Coaches at CFCA are responsible for ensuring that your form and range of motion is correct; that your intensity is sufficient; and that the exercise and load is adjusted to your current fitness level. On top of all that, we will teach you basic gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting. Our coaches run every class as a teacher, a resource for questions, a motivator, a support system, and a safety supervisor. We encourage you to utilize our knowledge and skill.

picture-15Jon Conant is the co-owner and primary coach at CrossFit Cape Ann.  In high school, he was a high level cross country runner and nordic (xc) skier. Looking for a change from the competitive aspect of racing, he relocated out west to attend Colorado College, where most of his athletic emphasis was based on climbing and trail running in the Front Range.  After graduating in 2000, he came back to Cape Ann where he has been active in the surf, climbing and art communities.  He found CrossFit in 2007 and has been in love with the methodology and training style ever since. He worked at North Shore CrossFit as a coach for 2 years prior to starting CFCA. His certifications include: CrossFit Level 1, Crossfit Gymnastics, CrossFit Kettlebell, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Mobility, Crossfit Endurance, Gym Jones Level 1 & 2, CPR & First Aid. For a more in-depth view click here.

Karen Conant is co-owner of CFCA as well as one of our lead coaches. She is also the eye behind some of CFCA’s unique touches as well as our fish bones logo.  A freelance graphic designer, Karen makes sure that our packaging, products and website all jive with our clubhouse feel.  She also manages the CFCA memberships and works hard to make sure that the back end of the business is running smoothly. Outside of the gym, she is also an avid surfer and a retired member of the Boston Massacre – Boston’s all star flat track roller derby team. Karen is  CrossFit Level 1, Crossfit Gymnastics, Gym Jones Level 1 & 2, CPR & First Aid.

Megan Goddard  is currently a Lead Coach at CFCA.  She is also a recent graduate of Salem State studying Sport Movement Science with a concentration in Sport Management.   She is interested in the field of sport tourism and blend her love of travel with outdoor activities.  She had been involved with CFCA since we opened our doors and was doing CF before that in Atlanta, GA.  She enjoys coaching and the tight community at CFCA.  Meg is a resident of Rockport and is Crossfit Level 1 Certified.

Heather Fraelick is a Gloucester-native and a  lifelong athlete.  Heather played field hockey, ice hockey and lacrosse as a youth, and captained her lacrosse team at Wheaton College. Having taken a hiatus from intense exercise post-recovery from cancer, Heather started running in 2010 and within a year’s time ran her first half marathon, 25K, and a full marathon in New Orleans. Running helped Heather get back into an active routine but she craved something different. The environment CrossFit offered, the community and the training methodology turned out to be a perfect fit for her. Outside of the gym Heather enjoys gardening, cooking, beach-bumming and – her newest hobby – stand-up paddle boarding with her husband, and fellow CFCA member, Rick Fraelick. Heather is a Level 1 CrossFit Certified.

Ross Robinson is a Gloucester-native whose passions have always been pushing his limits outside of competitive athletics… first with skateboarding and snowboarding, then rock climbing and surfing. After gaining a degree in Outdoor Education from UNH, his truck became his home-base out west for the next 8 years while working as an outdoor educator. He led mountaineering and sailing expeditions for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in western Canada, and worked from science instructor to captain aboard tall sailing ships in the Caribbean and across the Pacific. In late 2007 he moved back to Cape Ann and now works on tugboats out of Boston. Ross has been hooked on CrossFit since the opening of CFCA. The awesome community of people and intensity of the workouts are what keep him coming back for more. He credits many new achievements in his outdoor pursuits to his training regiment at CFCA and the paleo lifestyle. Ross is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 11.25.34 AMVince Pizzimenti was born and raised right here in Gloucester.  He has been a lifelong athlete playing a variety of sports with a primary focus on Football, Lacrosse and Indoor Track. He is a 2007 graduate of Mount Ida College with a degree in Sports Management. While earning his degree he also played lacrosse serving as a captain in his final season.  Vince found Crossfit in 2011 starting at Full Potential while working in Newburyport.  It was a welcome change from a traditional gym format, and more like the team sport training he has loved all his life.  Now spending his time with other sports like surfing, mountain biking and golf, Crossfit it the perfect supplement to his active life. Vince is Crossfit Level 1 Coach.

Chris DeWolfe has been a lifelong resident of Gloucester. He graduated from Salem State College with a degree in Sports Management & Coaching. He pitched for Salem State Baseball and has been coaching high school baseball for the past ten years. He started running competitively after college. Chris felt running wasn’t enough to help prepare him for the versatility of tasks that life can throw at you and was introduced to Crossfit by Danny Vadala. He felt this was exactly what his training was lacking and has been hooked ever since. Chris is Crossfit level 1 Certified. 

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 2.12.26 PMAmbie Orlando has been a lifelong resident of Gloucester graduating from Gloucester schools he went on to north shore community college where he earned an associate degree in criminal justice. He has played a variety of sports his whole life focusing on football, basketball, karate, and Muay Thai.  He was introduced to CrossFit by a few of his friends who showed unbelievable results for there hard work. With that he fell in love with CrossFit  he is a CrossFit level 1 trainer.

image001Ryan Mueller is a lifelong resident of Cape Ann. Ryan played soccer and baseball as a youth and graduated from Boston College where he was a member of the varsity football team. He then went on to play safety for the Marlboro Shamrocks of the Eastern Football League (EFL) and remains actively involved in a variety of sports and martial arts today. Ryan was introduced to Crossfit in 2012 and found the intensity of the workouts and the community-like atmosphere of CFCA to be a perfect fit. Ryan is a Crossfit level 1 trainer as well as  Gym Jones level 1 & 2.

Kiwi & Moxy are CFCA’s certified mascots. They enjoy being outside for long runs in Dogtown or swimming off the coast in the summer.  You’ll see them around the gym from time to time or if you join us for a trail run or other activities.

Diana Rodgers, NTP of Radiance Nutritional Therapy is our Nutrition Consultant.  She conducts workshops at several CrossFit gyms, cooking classes, and individual consultations at her office and  via skype. In her consultations, she evaluates food journals, health history, metabolic status and bloodwork to develop a specific diet and supplementation protocol for her clients. She is also a contributing writer for Paleo Magazine.  www.radiancenutrition.com

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