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Crossfit: Our daily workout of the day.

Kettlebell: Longer format full body kettlebell complexes that will combine elements of strength endurance, cardiovascular, and mental strength….with Coach Jon

Yoga: Recovery based yoga & moibilty work with our CFCA yogis.

Olympic Lifting: Primarily focused on the “OLY Total” (1RM Snatch & 1 RM Clean & Jerk) with specific drills to breakdown and address YOUR personal limitations on these technical lifts…..with Coach Vince.

Grinder: Longer format (1hr) blend of intermittent cardiovascular and strength elements with Coach Ryan.

Saturday Team WOD: Open to all CFCA’rs,  this is a partner/team style Crossfit workout generally on the longer side.  Come workout with folks you don’t get to workout with/see during the week. All are welcome. *If you have a friend interested in trying CFCA out, you are welcome to bring them to a Team WOD on Saturday!

Sunday Field Trip: A trail run or KB carry in the woods. It may not happen every Sunday due to weather or  but we will try to give a heads up on the news board when we are planning on it for that particular week.


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