About CFCA

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Our Classes

Our group classes run roughly an hour  from start to finish. We generally break it up into 2-3 sections starting with a standard warm-up then strength/skill section then the WOD (workout of the day). The main concept to understand with Crossfit is that the workouts change everyday. Some days are more focused on strength development while others are more cardiovascular in nature. This not only keeps it fresh and exciting for our members, but gives our athletes a broad based level of fitness that ideally allows them to perform well at any task life presents. ROUTINE IS THE ENEMY!

Expectations of Our Members 

We train everyone… from any fitness level and background. Emphasis for our new members is put on mechanics, consistency and volume rather than intensity.  This allows our new members to progress at a safe and sustainable pace. We do not expect, nor should you expect, to be an Olympian the first day you walk through the door! The techniques you will learn at CrossFit take time to perfect, so don’t try to be a hero and rush through the process. Little by Little.

The only expectation we have is that you come to each class with an open mind, a positive attitude and the ability to challenge yourself. Admission does not guarantee results. Consistent effort earns respect.


Many of our current members were nervous to try CrossFit initially. They put off joining for months only later to regret they hadn’t come sooner. If you are intimidated by the workouts you see on the website, keep in mind we make daily modifications for 80% of our clients.  We also are mindful of any injuries or apprehension our clients have and can easily find substitute movements so they can still participate without doing further damage.

The Difference

Unlike most anonymous  health club/gym routines, at CFCA there is a genuine community.  With that community comes accountability, if you fall off the wagon and don’t show for a wee or two… we will contact you to make arrangements to get you back on track. You may find that the supportive community and class structure at CFCA might be the greatest asset to keeping your workouts fun and you accountable. Our members are like family.


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