We started CFCA in 2010 in a tiny space on the state fish pier with the intention of building a strong active community through a style of training that really wasn’t available in the immediate area at the time. We have grown significantly since those early days but have always made a point to keep our gym a fun, engaging and above all a supportive and inclusive environment.

With the recent boom of Crossfit as sport/competition, we have evolved into what we’d consider more of a “lifestyle” affiliate. Our goal at CFCA is to develop versatility & durability in our members and focus on sustainable training in a way we feel has the best carryover to our member’s lives. In addition to that, we encourage our members to think about fitness and health from a big picture perspective (mental health, nutrition, recovery, etc.)….beyond just showing up to class. Want to learn more about our philosophy check out our core beliefs.

Our Group Classes

We train everyone… from any fitness level and every background. Our group classes are an hour in length and consist of a warm up, movement instruction and review, workout, and a cool down. Emphasis for our new members is put on establishing safe movement patterns and building a fitness foundation rather than intensity. Our only expectation for you is that you come to each class with an open mind, a positive attitude, and the ability to challenge yourself at YOUR current ability. Our group classes generally follow this layout…

Mon-Wed-Fri classes are higher intensity workouts with elements of strength/ skill building where more technical movements may be utilized.

Tue-Thur-Sat classes are longer in workout duration and lower in intensity with an emphasis on endurance & building a fitness base. These classes are ideal for those that are new to crossfit or returning to exercise from a long hiatus.


At CFCA we have an amazing crew of supportive members… you won’t find a more humble and generally well-natured community on Cape Ann.  If your intimated from what you have seen on TV with the Crossfit Games…don’t be, as that is far from the reality of what we do on a daily basis. If you’re intimidated by the workouts we have written up, understand that those are more of a guideline for the day and we generally modify them for a large portion of our members. Check out our testimonials.

Beyond Our Walls

At CFCA, we put an extra emphasis on getting our members outside and enjoying all that Cape Ann has to offer. On any given day you can go paddling, rowing, surfing, trail running, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, etc… what an incredible place we live in. We encourage and create opportunities for our members to enjoy this diverse environment. Enough can’t be said about the power of a supportive community of active folks for making lasting lifestyle changes.